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The Royal Ragtime Theatre is a cinema in Gravity Falls. The manager of the theatre is Thompson; while the employees are Lee, Nate, and an unnamed ticket seller.


The Royal Ragtime Theatre is the theater where Soos, Stan, Mabel and Dipper visit to see the new movie, Pony Heist, during its midnight screening. Thanks to Thompson, the theater manager's, strict obedience to the rule "No outside food or drink," the group is banned from entering after a Nyumalums bar falls out of Mabel's pocket. Later, Dipper comes up with an elaborate plan to sneak in and watch the movie, just in time for the previews to end.


Item Price
Tickets $12.50
Popcorn $4.00
Soda $2.00
Candy $3.00

Movies playing in the theater


  • The lineart for the establishing shot of the theater was provided as part of a series of tests for background artists to work on the show.[1]




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