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This page is for The Mystery in Gravity Falls, the mini-series. For the website, see The Mystery of Gravity Falls.

The Mystery in Gravity Falls (or "Mysteriet i Gravity Falls") is a six-part Gravity Falls mini-series originating in Disney Channel Scandinavia.


This mini series focuses on various hidden things throughout the series, from codes at the end of the series to the meaning of the symbols on the cipher wheel. Each episode is roughly five and a half minutes long and each follows the same sort of layout.

Episode 1

Episode 1 is an intro to the series, and briefly discusses Dipper's discovery of Journal 3. The rest of the episode focuses on the opening and ending credits, and things hidden in them, including Bigfoot, who can be seen in the opening credits, and the Zodiac at the end of the theme song that contains the cryptogram reading "Stan is not what he seems." along with mentioning the fish symbol on the Zodiac. The analysis of the ending credits shows the episode 1 credits with the cryptogram reading "Welcome to Gravity Falls."

Episode 2

Episode 2 discusses the episode "Headhunters," and discusses the symbols on the Zodiac. While it has yet to be confirmed, it is pointed out that Mabel's sweater has a llama on it, and a question is posed: could Mabel be both the shooting star and the llama on the Wheel? The cryptogram at the end of the episode is then decoded, and it reads "He's still in the vents."

Episode 3

Episode 3 discusses the episode "The Inconveniencing" and discusses the symbols on the Zodiac. It is pointed out that Robbie's hoodie has a heart on it, so that symbol on the Wheel belongs to Robbie. It also discusses who represents the symbol of an ice bag. The cryptogram at the end of the episode is then decoded, and it reads "Onwards, Aoshima"

Episode 4

Episode 4 discusses the episode "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel" and the symbols on the Zodiac. It is pointed out that the star with an eye is the symbol of Tent of Telepathy and has on the back of Gideon's cape, so he surely represents this symbol on the Wheel. It also talks about the symbol of a six-fingered hand on the Wheel, and this symbol maybe represent the Journals. The cryptogram at the end of the episode is then decoded, and it reads "Carla, why won't you call me?"

Episode 5

Episode 5 discusses the episode "Carpet Diem" and the symbols on the Zodiac: the glasses and the question mark. It tells that those glasses remind us of Stan but who represents this symbol is still a mystery. It is pointed out that there is a question mark on Soos' t-shirt, so he represents this symbol on the Wheel. The cryptogram at the end of the episode is then decoded, and it reads "But who stole the capers?"

Episode 6

Episode 6 discusses the episode "Dreamscaperers" and the symbol on the Zodiac: the triangle man with a hat. It also decodes some cryptograms appearing on this episode.


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