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This page is for the episode. For the divine being, see Love God.

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"The Love God"[1] is the ninth episode of the second season of Gravity Falls and the 29th episode overall. It premiered on November 26, 2014 on Disney XD.[1]

Official overview[]

Mabel takes matchmaking too far when she steals a love potion from the real Love God.[1]


S2e9 teens and twins standing by grave

The teens at the open grave.

The episode begins with Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Lee, Nate, Tambry, and Thompson cloud watching, at the Gravity Falls Cemetery. Mabel then spots a hot air balloon, and Wendy explains that the annual Woodstick Festival is in town, featuring up and coming independent musicians. Dipper then confesses that he has never attended an actual concert, and Wendy states that it is because he has never had an "awesome crew to roll with before." While Lee and Nate are making Thompson lick a moldy sponge, an ominous moaning is heard. Wendy leads the group to an open grave, and Dipper makes Thompson investigate the site. Thompson screams at what he has found.

S2e9 robbie needs a new girl

Mabel suggests setting Robbie up with a new girl.

The others come over, and Tambry remarks that it is even creepier than she expected: Robbie mourning his and Wendy's breakup; when Wendy asks him about this, he tries his best to hide what he was doing, though no one seems to buy it. As the gang leaves, Mabel expresses a desire to comfort him, but Dipper shrugs it off, stating that the social balance is good as it is. However, Mabel cannot get over what she has seen. Back at the Mystery Shack, Wendy apologizes for the awkward encounter, and Mabel gets the idea to set Robbie up with a new date, citing her success with pairing up Soos and Melody, and Waddles and Gompers, as evidence for her abilities. Wendy, however, believes Robbie is a lost cause.

S2e9 Robbie thinks they're too happy

Mabel meets Robbie's parents.

Outside, Stan is working on a new exhibit when he notices the Woodstick balloons, bikes, and folk singers. Panicked, he instructs Soos to lock up and attempts to shoot down the balloons with a crossbow. Soos stops him, pointing out that there is a potential for profit, and Stan deduces that he can appeal to the youth by learning via a Mystery Shack-themed balloon. Back at the cemetery, Mabel makes her way to Robbie's house and is greeted by his parents, whom she is surprised to learn are extremely upbeat and friendly.

S2e9 pay with a squirrel

Mabel talking to the Love God.

Mabel makes her way to the sullen teenager's room and is met with contempt though she is unfazed. She proceeds to tell Robbie that she understands his pain and wants to help him find a new girlfriend, "guaranteed or twice the sadness back." At the Shack, Mabel considers potential matches and ultimately decides on Tambry. Meanwhile, Dipper, Wendy, and the gang prepare for Woodstick at Thompson's house, where Dipper receives praise for his idea on how to sneak in snacks: taping them to Thompson. At Greasy's Diner, Mabel is horrified that Robbie's and Tambry's date is a disaster though her hope returns after witnessing a man called the "Love God" at work. He informs her that he uses love potions, but refuses to sell her one. However, she steals one when he goes to kiss a girl and adds it to Robbie's and Tambry's chili fries.

S2e9 love god's van

Dipper and Mabel lurking by the Love God's van.

When Mabel announces the news to the other teens, none react well: Nate says that Robbie knows he likes Tambry, Lee is upset that Nate never told him, and Wendy is appalled by Tambry dating her ex without Tambry telling her anything. Angered, the trio storms off, and Thompson scolds Mabel for breaking up his only friends. Desperate not to lose the group, Dipper agrees to help Mabel undo the effects of her love potion. At Woodstick, Stan and Soos prepare their balloon with a lack of attention to safety, Thompson tries to drag the others there, hoping not to waste the money, and Robbie and Tambry display their affection via a romantic stroll. Dipper is disgusted by this though Mabel silences him while the two go to the Love God's van to get an anti-love potion, only for them to get caught.

S2e9 Mabel's Crushes

Visions of Heartbreak Past.

The twins flee into the concert area, the Love God close on their tail. The chase is eventually halted when the Love God conjures images of Mabel's past crushes to distract her and eventually convince her to return the potion. However, when Stan and Soos send off their poorly-made balloon, it terrifies the crowds when they saw that the balloon said "I Eat Kids" instead of saying "I Heart Kids," ultimately crashing on the Love God. Stan welcomes the fearful reactions, and the god, fed up, tells Mabel to take the potion and meddle in others' lives all she wants. The twins make their way to Robbie and Tambry though Mabel refuses to use the potion upon seeing how happy the two are as a couple. When Dipper asks about their group of friends, Mabel suggests that they will eventually reconcile on their own, which then happens upon seeing Thompson running from security guards for bringing outside food into the festival.

During the ending credits, a photo montage of Waddles' and Gompers' wedding day is shown.


Production notes[]

See also: List of allusions and List of goofs.

Character revelations[]

  • Robbie's full name is revealed as Robbie Stacey Valentino.
  • Robbie can lick his own elbow.
  • Robbie's parents own a funeral home.
  • Robbie writes poetry on the wall of his room. One reads: "I only cry in the rain, so my tears can't be seen."
  • Nate had a crush on Tambry, but neglected to tell Lee for fear of ridicule.
  • Thompson previously had no friends and lets the others in his group pick on him out of desperation to keep them all together.
  • Mabel strongly dislikes country music.
  • The goat's name is revealed as Gompers.

Series continuity[]

Songs featured[]


  • This is the first Gravity Falls episode to make a premiere broadcast on a Wednesday, although it was released on the Disney XD site, the Watch Disney XD app and On Demand services on a Monday as a part of Pranksgiving.
  • The ending card's cryptogram references Agent Powers and Agent Trigger spying on the Pines family.
  • This is the first episode where Gompers' name is said out loud.
  • This is the first appearance of Robbie's parents, Greg and Janice Valentino. However, their names would not be revealed until "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls."
  • Alex Hirsch and the production crew had originally intended for Meredith to be paired with an elderly lady.[3] However, this was cut at Disney's insistence.[4] Additionally, Love God's necklace was changed from a trans symbol.[citation needed]
  • As seen by Mabel's matchmaking figures, Mabel believes Dipper and Candy could be a possible future match, as well as Stan and Abuelita, and Old Man McGucket and a beaver.
  • In the cemetery before the opening theme, one tombstone reads "RIP 1989 - 1971."
  • The badger that is fighting with the snake outside of the diner (and then made into a couple, the Snadger, by The Love God) is a European badger. A species of the badger family that is common in Europe and The United Kingdom, but not in North, South or Central America. This species doesn't live in the United States and therefore it could be a possible goof.
  • "Goat and a Pig," the song featured in the credits scene, is partly a parody of the song "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole.
  • In Journal 3, Mabel reveals the love potion's effect only lasts a few hours, leading her to conclude that Robbie and Tambry's relationship is genuine.
  • When all of Mabel's crushes appear, one of them is Alexander Hamilton, the man on the 10 dollar bill. This is a callback to the unaired pilot, where Mabel is seen crushing on "the guy on the ten dollar bill".
  • This episode references Pride Month due to the show taking place in the summer, the episode being all about love, and Mabel wearing a rainbow sweater which are the colors of the Pride Flag.
  • At a rating of 7.8 (on IMDb), "The Love God" is the lowest rated episode of season 2 and the 4th lowest of the whole series.


S2e9 end cryptogram
  • The end credits cryptogram reads "O SAM KVGS." When translated using the vigenère cipher, it translates to "I EAT KIDS," referencing the Stan hot air balloon misunderstanding after the H and R fall off.
    • Keyword: GOATANDAPIG, found on various objects in the scrolling shot of Mabel grabbing a spray can nozzle and putting on the anti-love potion. The Key Symbol on a bottle, G and O are on a vase, A is on a flowerpot, T is on a curtain, A is in a box of bread and N is in the box right next to that. D is on a cup. A is on the grass area. P is on a flowerpot that is in front of the vase with G and O in it. I is on the stand where the boxes are and G is on the side of the same stand.
S2e9 end page

End page.

  • The page section revealed at the end of the episode says, "23-4 4-16-19 8-12-23-25 9-6 23-4 4-16-19 18-23-15-6," (top left), "15 23-12-1-23-25-5 5-19-19 4-16-19-11 5-4-23-10-20-15-10-17 4-16-19-6-19" (middle left), "20-6-19-5-5-19-20 15-10 22-12-23-21-13 4-16-19-25'6-19 9-10 11-25 12-23-1-10,," (bottom left) and "22-3-4 1-16-19-10 15 4-3-6-10 11-25 16-19-23-20 4-16-19-25'6-19 17-9-10-19" (right). After using the combined cipher, it translates to "AT THE PLAY OR AT THE FAIR, I ALWAYS SEE THEM STANDING THERE DRESSED IN BLACK THEY'RE ON MY LAWN, BUT WHEN I TURN MY HEAD THEY'RE GONE."


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