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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "The Legend of the Gobblewonker." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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The episode opens with Dipper and Mabel at a table during breakfast.
Mabel Pines (Holding Sir Syrup) Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?
Dipper Pines (Holding Mountie Man) I'm always ready!
Mabel Then you know what this means!
Camera zooms out to show Mabel and Dipper holding their respective syrup bottles.
Dipper & Mabel Syrup race! (Tilt syrup bottles back and start to drip syrup into their mouths) Ahhh!
Mabel Go, Sir Syrup!
Dipper Go, Mountie Man!
Dipper & Mabel Go! Go!
Dipper Go! Go!
Mabel Almost... almost... (Taps the bottom of her bottle and the syrup drips onto her tongue) Yes! (Coughs) I won! (Coughs)
Dipper (Picks up and reads newspaper) Ho ho, no way! Hey Mabel, check this out.
Mabel (Looking at ad in newspaper) Human-sized hamster balls? (Gasps) I'm human-sized!
Dipper No, no, Mabel. This. (Points to a monster photo contest ad) We see weirder stuff than that every day! We didn't get any photos of those gnomes, did we?
Mabel Nope, just memories. And this beard hair. (Holds up beard hair)
Dipper Why did you save that?
Mabel (Shrugs and makes an "I dunno" sound)
Stan Pines Good morning, knuckleheads. You two know what day it is?
Dipper Um... Happy anniversary?
Mabel Mazel tov!
Stan (Hits Dipper's head with a newspaper) It's Family Fun Day, genius! (Walks over to fridge and gets out milk) We're cuttin' off work and having one of those, you know, (sniffs milk in the refrigerator) bonding-type deals.
Dipper Grunkle Stan, is this gonna be anything like our last family bonding day?
Flashback to Dipper and Mabel helping Grunkle Stan make counterfeit money
Stan You call that Ben Franklin? He looks like a woman! (Hears police sirens) Uh-oh.
Cut to present.
Mabel (Shudders) The county jail was so cold.
Stan All right, maybe I haven't been the best summer caretaker. But I swear, today we're gonna have some real family fun. Now who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car?
Dipper & Mabel YAY!
Dipper Wait, what?
Cut to theme song.
Cut to a road in the forest. Grunkle Stan is driving his car with Dipper and Mabel blindfolded in the backseat. Stan leans down to adjust the radio and the tires screech.
Dipper Whoa whoa! (Sighs) Blindfolds never lead to anything good.
Mabel Wow! I feel like all my other senses are heightened. I can see with my fingers! (Touches Dipper's face, making him laugh)
Car jumps, making the twins fly into the doors.
Dipper Whoa! Grunkle Stan, are you wearing a blindfold?
Stan Ha ha. Nah, but with these cataracts I might as well be. What is that, a woodpecker? (Drives through a wooden guardrail, making the twins scream)
Cut to the lake. Dipper and Mabel, still blindfolded, are standing in front of the parked car, which now has branches and sticks caught in the grill.
Stan Okay, okay. Open 'em up!
Dipper and Mabel (Take blindfolds off)
Stan Ta-da! It's fishin' season!
Mabel Fishing?
Dipper What're you playin' at, old man?
Stan You're gonna love it! The whole town's out here!
Camera pans across the lake showing various townspeople doing different fishing activities.
Lazy Susan (Waving pan) Here, fishy fishies! Get into the pan!
Toby Determined (Taking picture of man with large fish) Say cheese! (Takes picture, the flash causing the man to fall backwards into the lake)
Marcus (To his father Manly Dan:) Uh, is this good? (Holds up a fishing pole)
Manly Dan NO! (Takes the pole and breaks it in half) I'll show you how a real man fishes! (Grabs a fish straight out of water) Ha ha ha ha ha! (Throws fish on the floor of their boat and jumps on it, he punches it repeatedly)
Marcus, Kevin and Gus (Chanting:) Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!
Tyler Cutebiker (To Manly Dan:) Get 'em! Get 'em!
Cut back to the Pines.
Stan That's some quality family bonding!
Dipper Grunkle Stan, why do you wanna bond with us all of a sudden?
Stan Come on, this is gonna be great! I've never had fishing buddies before. The guys from the lodge won't go with me: they don't "like" or "trust" me.
Mabel (Quietly, to Dipper:) I think he actually wants to fish with us.
Stan Hey, I know what'll cheer you sad sacks up. (Slaps hats on Dipper and Mabel) Pow! Pines family fishing hats! That-that's hand stitching, you know.
The "L" on the "MABEL" hat peels off.
Stan It's just gonna be you, me, and those goofy hats on a boat for ten hours!
Dipper Ten hours?
Stan I brought the joke book! (Holds up 1001 Yuk 'Em Ups)
Dipper No! NO!
Mabel There has to be a way out of this.
Old Man McGucket (Offscreen) I SEEN IT! I SEEN IT AGAIN! (Runs from dock, crashing into and overturning various things) The Gravity Falls Gobblewonker! Come quick before it scrabdoodles away! (Dances frantically) Eh, eh, ha ha hoo, (Slaps himself) Ah, hee-hee...
Mabel Awww... He's doing a happy jig!
McGucket (To Mabel:) NOOO! It's a jig of grave danger!
Tate McGucket (Comes out and sprays Old Man McGucket with a spray bottle) Hey, hey! Now what did I tell you about scaring my customers? This is your last warning, Dad!
McGucket But I got proof this time, by gummity!
Cut to dock.
McGucket (Points at boat) BEHOLD! It's the Gobble-dy-wonker what done did it! It had a long neck like a gee-raffe! And wrinkly skin this gentleman right here! (Points to Stan)
Stan (Picking his ear) Huh?
McGucket It chawed my boat up to smitheroons, and shim-shammed over to Scuttlebutt Island! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!
Sheriff Blubs Attention all units! We got ourselves a crazy old man!
Everyone but the Pines and the ranger point and laugh at Old Man McGucket.
Tate McGucket (Shakes head in shame)
McGucket (Walking off) Aww, donkey spittle! Aw, banjo polish!
Stan Well, that happened. Now let's untie this boat and get out on that lake! (Steps into his rowboat and starts untying it from the dock)
Dipper Mabel, did you hear what that old dude said?
Mabel (Mimicking Old Man McGucket:) "Aww, donkey shpittle!"
Dipper The other thing. About the monster. If we can snag a photo of it, we can split the prize fifty-fifty.
Mabel (Gasps) That's two fifties!
Dipper Imagine what you could do with five. Hundred. Dollars!
Cut to Mabel's imagination. She is inside a human sized hamster ball in front of a hamster in a smaller hamster ball.
Mabel (To hamster:) Not so high and mighty anymore!
Hamster Aww...
Mabel (Rolling back and forth) Aha haha haha. (Continues to giggle and crashes through the wall and rolls out onto the street and meets Xyler and Craz) Hey, boys! You can look, but ya can't touch. (When the light turns green, Mabel scurries down the street in her ball) Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!
Xyler and Craz Awesome!
Cut back to reality.
Dipper (Snapping fingers) Mabel! Mabel?
Mabel Dipper, I am one million percent on board with this!
Dipper Grunkle Stan! Change of plans: we're taking that boat to Scuttlebutt Island, and we're gonna find that Gobblewonker!
Dipper and Mabel (Cheering) Monster hunt! Monster hunt!
McGucket (Joining the chant) Monster hunt!
Dipper and Mabel stop chanting and stare at McGucket.
McGucket Monster... Eh... I'll go.
A large honking sound is heard.
Soos Ramirez (Pulls up in his boat) You dudes say somethin' about a monster hunt?
Mabel Soos!
Soos Wassup, hambone! (Soos and Mabel fist bump and make explosion noises) Dude, you could totally use my boat for your hunt. It's got a steering wheel, chairs; normal boat stuff.
Stan All right, all right, let's think this through. Ya kids could go waste your time on some epic monster-finding adventure, or you could spend the day learning how to tie knots and skewer worms with your Great Uncle Stan!
The twins look at Soos in his boat; he does a robot dance. They look back at Stan in his leaky old boat; he sniffs his left armpit. They look at Scuttlebutt Island in the distance. They grin at each other.
Stan So, whaddaya say?
The twins drive off laughing with Soos in his boat toward Scuttlebutt Island, leaving Stan behind.
Mabel We made the right choice!
Soos Yes!
Stan Ingrates! Aw, who needs 'em? I got a whole box of creepy fishing lures to keep me company. (After a moment of looking at the lure with flies buzzing around them, Stan cringes in disgust and closes the box)
Cut to S.S. Cool Dude, headed for the island. Dipper stands on the stern of the boat, with one foot on the guardrail. He adjusts the visor of his cap.
Dipper (Turns around) Hoist the anchor!
Soos (Pulls up cinderblock anchor)
Dipper Raise the flag!
Mabel (Holds up beach towel) We're gonna find that Gobblewonker!
Dipper We're gonna win that photo contest!
Soos Do any of you dudes have sunscreen?
Dipper We're gonna... go get sunscreen!
Mabel & Soos Yay!
The boat does a U-turn away from the island. Underwater, a strange shape swims by.
Cut to black for commercial break.
The scene begins with Dipper pacing on the boat in front of Mabel and Soos.
Dipper Alright. If we wanna win this contest, we've gotta do it right! Think. What's the number one problem with most monster hunts?
Soos You're a side character, then you die within the first five minutes of the movie. Dude, am I a side character?! Do y'ever think about stuff like that?
Dipper No, no, no. Camera trouble! Say Bigfoot shows up. Soos, be Bigfoot?
Soos (Strikes a Bigfoot pose)
Dipper (In mock acting voice:) There he is! Bigfoot! (Pats life vest) Uh-oh, no camera! (Pulls camera out of jacket) Oh, wait, here's one! Aw, no film! (In normal voice:) You see? You see what I'm, doing here?
Soos Oh, yeah. Dude's got a point.
Dipper That's why I bought seventeen disposable cameras! (Revealing cameras as he lists off their locations) Two on my ankle, three in my jacket, four for each of you, three extras in this bag, and one... under my hat! There's no way we're gonna miss this. Okay everybody, let's test our cameras out!
Soos (Takes a picture of himself, the flash startling him) Aw, dude! (Throws the camera overboard)
Dipper You see? This is exactly why you need backup cameras. We still have sixteen!
Mabel (Throws a camera at a seagull flying over her head) Ah, bird!
Dipper Fifteen! Okay, guys, I repeat; don't lose your cameras!
Soos Wait, lose the cameras?
Dipper DON'T!
Soos Dude, I just threw two away.
Dipper Thirteen! All right! We still have thirteen camera-- (He accidentally crushes one with his fist) Twelve. We have twelve cameras.
Mabel So what's the plan? Throw more cameras overboard or what?
Dipper NO! No. Okay. You'll be lookout, Soos can work the steering wheel, and I'll be captain.
Mabel What? Why do you get to be captain? What about Mabel, huh? (Chanting:) Ma-bel! Ma-bel! Ma-bel! Ma-bel!
Dipper I'm not sure that's a good idea.
Mabel What about co-captain?
Dipper There's no such thing as co-captain.
Mabel Aw, whoops. (Tosses a camera into the water)
Dipper Okay, fine! You can be co-captain.
Soos Can I be associate co-captain?
Mabel As co-captain, I authorize that request.
Dipper Well, as first co-captain, our number one order of business is to lure the monster out with this. (Gestures at a barrel of Fish Food)
Soos Permission to taste some?
Dipper Granted.
Mabel Permission co-granted.
Soos Permission associate co-granted. (Licks some, than gags and wipes his tongue, coughing) Dude, I don't know what I expected that to taste like!
Dipper and Mabel (Laughing)
Dipper Oh, Soos...
Stan (Watching them) Traitors! Ah, I'll find my own fishing buddies! (Looks around and sees a couple sitting in a boat up ahead) Ah! (Starts his boat's engine) There's my new pals!
Reginald (Turned away from Rosanna, looking at a ring in a box; he takes a breath) Now that we're alone, Rosanna, there's a burning question which my heart longs to ask of you.
Rosanna (Tearing up) Oh, Reginald!
Stan Hey! (Pulls his boat up to theirs) Wanna hear a joke? Here goes. My ex-wife still misses me...but her aim is gettin' better! (Pause) Her aim is gettin' better! (Pause) Y'see, it's-it's funny because marriage is terrible.
Reginald and Rosanna (Row their boat away)
Stan What?
Cut to S.S. Cool Dude approaching Scuttlebutt Island. There is fog everywhere. Soos is at the back of the boat shoveling fish food over the side. Dipper and Mabel are at the front. Dipper is trying to see through the fog while Mabel is playing ventriloquist with a pelican.
Mabel Hey! How's it going? (As pelican:) It's going awesome! Bow bow, buh bow bow!
Dipper Mabel, leave that thing alone.
Mabel (As pelican:) Aw, I don't mind none! (As Mabel:) Hey, look, I'm drinking water! (As pelican while drinking water:) Twinkle, twinkle little... (chokes on water and coughs, and the pelican flies away)
Dipper Aren't you supposed to be doing lookout?
Mabel Look out! (Throws a volley ball at Dipper, hitting him on the arm)
Dipper (Holds arm and shivers)
Mabel Heh, heh. But seriously, I'm on it.
The boat jolts to a sudden stop having crashed into the shore of the island.
Mabel See? We're here! I'm a lookout genius! Hamster ball, here we come!
The trio disembarks and ventures into the foggy woods. Dipper leads the group while carrying a lantern. They soon come to a large sign nailed to a tree that says "Scuttlebutt Island." Soos and Mabel stop in front of it.
Soos Dude, check it out. (Covers the "Scuttle" part of the sign) Butt Island.
Mabel Soos, you rapscallion! (To Dipper:) Hey! Why aren't you laughing? Are you scared?
Dipper Pssh! Yeah, right! I'm not--
Mabel (Pokes him on the nose and blows a raspberry) Yeah, you are!
Dipper Hey! (He drops the lantern as Mabel continues poking him and blowing raspberries) Quit...! Stop! Mabel!
There's a growling noise in the distance. Mabel stops teasing Dipper and they look around. Soos comes up to them.
Soos Dude, did you guys hear that?
Mabel What was that? Was it your stomach?
Soos Nah, my stomach normally sounds like whale noises.
Mabel (Listens to Soos' stomach, which makes whale noises) Wow. So majestic.
Possum (Grabs lantern and runs away)
Dipper (Gasps) Our lantern! Aww! I can't see anything!
Soos Duuude, I dunno, man. Maybe this, uh... Maybe this isn't worth it.
Dipper Not worth it? Guys, imagine what would happen if we got that picture!
Cut to Dipper's imagination, where he is dressed like Indiana Jones being interviewed on a talk show.
Charlie Tonight we're here with adventure seeker Dipper Pines, who bravely photographed the elusive Gobblewonker! Tell me, Dipper: what's the secret to your success?
Dipper Well, I run away from nothing. (Dumps coffee into mouth; an embarrassing picture of Grunkle Stan appears on screen) Nothing, except for when I ran away from my annoying Grunkle Stan, who I ditched in order to pursue that lake monster.
Charlie How right you were to do so. He looked like a real piece of work. I don't often do this, but I feel the need to give you an award! (Gives him a medal and they get their picture taken)
Mabel (Crashes through the wall in a hamster ball) CHARLIE! WHY WON'T YOU INTERVIEW ME?! (Chases after Dipper and Charlie, screaming like a maniac)
Cut back to real life.
Dipper (Smiles) I'm in!
Mabel Me, too!
Dipper and Mabel (Run off)
Soos All right, dudes, I'm comin'! (Chases them)
Soos (Beatboxing)
Mabel My name is Mabel!
It rhymes with table!
It also rhymes with... glabel!
It also rhymes with... shmabel!
Soos Dude, we should be writing this down.
Dipper (Holding a camera) Guys, guys, guys! You hear something?
The growling noise from earlier can be heard; a flock of birds flies overhead, away from the sound.
Dipper This is it! This is it!
Dipper and Mabel (Punching each other excitedly and walking towards the sound) Yes yes yes! Hoo hoo hoo!
Soos (Grabs a stick and follows them into the fog)
Walking through the fog, Soos stops the group when he spots a lake monster silhouette. The group ducks behind a log.
Dipper Everyone: Get your cameras ready!
Dipper, Mabel, and Soos (Turn cameras on)
Dipper Ready? GO!
Soos yells and jumps over the log, holding his camera in front of him as he runs toward the silhouette, snapping photos at random. The twins follow him, but as they get closer, they discover the silhouette was the remains of a wrecked boat with beavers living on it.
Beaver 1 (Subtitled) I love cavorting!
Beaver 2 (Subtitled) That deserves a hug! (Hugs Beaver 1)
Beaver 3 (Thumps tail and walks sideways of the boat)
Dipper But... but what was that noise, then? I heard a monster noise!
The "monster noise" sounds again. It turns out to be a beaver chewing on, and sometimes activating, a rusty old chainsaw.
Soos Sweet! Beaver with a chainsaw. (Takes pictures of it)
Dipper Maybe that old guy was crazy after all.
Mabel He did use the word "scrapdoodle."
Dipper (Sighs)
Cut to Stan teaching Hank's son how to thread a line.
Stan Look, when you're threadin' the line--lot of people don't know this--but you wanna use a barrel knot. (Whispering) That's a secret from one fishing buddy to another! Heh heh.
Hank's son Uh, I, uh, who are you, exactly?
Stan Just call me your GRUNKLE STAN!
Hank's wife Sir, SIR, SIR! Why are you talking to our son? If you don't leave right now, I'm calling the police!
Stan Ha ha, you see, the thing about that is... (Starts his motor and speeds away)
Hank's Wife Go bother your own kids!
Cut back to Scuttlebutt Island.
Soos (Taking pictures of a beaver posing on a stump) Ooh, yeah! Work it! Work it! Nice! Nice! Gimme another one of those! Yeah, I like that one.
Dipper What're we gonna say to Grunkle Stan? We ditched him over nothing. (Throws a stone into the lake and sighs. The rock Dipper is sitting on shakes) Hey... guys, do you feel that? (The rocks sinks under the water and Dipper swims to shore) Hey, hey, whoa, whoa!
The Gobblewonker's silhouette is seen swimming away.
Mabel Ahhh!
Dipper This is it! (Takes pictures) Come on! This is our chance! (Soos and Mabel back up) What's wrong with you guys?
Gobblewonker robot (Swims back towards the island and begins to rise as the other speak)
Mabel Dipper...?
Soos Dude...?
Dipper It's not that hard, all right? All you gotta do is point, and shoot. Like this! (Aims camera at Gobblewonker and realizes it's right in front of him)
Gobblewonker robot (Roars, causing Dipper to drop his camera and the three to run away)
Soos Run!
The Gobblewonker pushes a tree over which falls and almost hits Dipper and Mabel, but Dipper lunges and Mabel and they roll out of the way. The continue to run and dodge falling trees and eventually catch up with Soos.
Soos Get back to the boat! HURRY! (The Gobblewonker snaps at Mabel who hops onto Soos's back)
Dipper (Aims camera at Gobblewonker, but trips over a root, stopping the camera) The picture! (Starts to run to the camera)
Soos (Grabs Dipper) Dude, if it makes you feel any better, I got tons of pictures of those beavers, dude!
Commercial break.
Open with the group running towards the boat. Soos helps the others on, the climbs in himself. Soos's presence pushes the boat back into the water and he runs towards the helm.
Soos Let's get outta here, dudes! (They start driving away in the boat backwards)
Dipper All right! This is it! (Tries to take a picture) Cracked lens?! Soos! Get a photo!
Soos (Throwing cameras at the monster)
Soos Oh! I still got one left! Don't worry, dude! (Throws a camera to Dipper but misses hitting the wall and breaking the camera)
The Gobblewonker dives into the water and begins to chase the gang. Soos steers the ship forwards and drives away from it.
Dipper Go, go, go, go, go!
Cut to Stan on his boat, struggling to tie a knot.
Stan Er, ugh, gah! Mollycoddling...
Shmipper (In a boat a few yards away with his sister and Grandpa) Can you pwease tell me mo'e funny stories, Pop Pop?
Pop Pop Anything for my fishing buddies! (Laughs and pats grandchildren on their heads)
Stan (Growls)
Shmipper Pop Pop? I just weewized dat...I wuv you.
Stan Aw, come on! Boo! Boo!
Pop Pop Hey, now! What's the big idea?
Shmipper Maybe he has no one who wuvs him, Pop Pop.
Stan Yeah, well, I... I...
S.S. Cool Dude drives past him and soaks him. He throws his hat to the ground in frustration, then sits down and sighs.
Beavers (Subtitled) We're still beavers.
The boat crashes into the old, broken boat and beavers fly everywhere, biting the boat and the crew.
Soos Ah, beavers! Oh, no!
Beavers are biting Dipper's hat. Mabel shakes a beaver off of her arm, and a beaver lunges at Soos, who stumbles away from the wheel. Mabel takes control on the wheel, steering away from the Gobblewonker. Dipper tries to dislodge a beaver from the side of the boat while Soos runs in circles crying in pain from the beaver still on his face. Dipper throws beavers towards the Gobblewonker who dives and continues to chase them under the water. The S.S. Cool Dude drives through a place with people fishing, who are overturned by the Gobblewonker behind them.
Cut to Manly Dan and his sons, Dan headlocking a fish and his sons cheering for him.
Manly Dan (With a fish) Headlock!
Marcus, Kevin and Gus Dad! Dad! Dad!
Their boat is turned over by a wave from the Gobblewonker. Fish start raining down on them.
Manly Dan The fishes! They seek revenge! Swim, boys! Swim!
Cut back to the S.S. Cool Dude. The Gobblewonker swipes at the boat and manages to knock the control cabin off.
Mabel Aah! Look out!
Man (Transporting a glass sheet over the water with Man 2 by boat) Easy...Easy...
The boat drives through it and breaks it.
Man 2 My glass!
Mabel (Sees dead-end ahead) WHERE DO I GO?!
Dipper (Looks around. Takes out Journals and flips through pages) Um... uh... GO INTO THE FALLS! I think there might be a cave behind there!
Mabel MIGHT BE?!
They all scream and the boat goes through the waterfall and into cave behind. Their boat crashes, sending them into the dirt. The all stand up, and turn around to see the Gobblewonker swim in after them and get stuck in the cave entrance.
Mabel It's stuck!
Dipper Ha ha! Yeah! Wait...It's stuck? (Tries to find a camera but he has none)
Mabel (Lifts Dipper's hat to reveal he still has one last camera) Boop.
Dipper (Laughs and takes shots of the robot)
Mabel Didja get a good one?
Dipper THEY'RE ALL GOOD ONES! (Hugs her)
The Gobblewonker, still roaring, gets hit by a rock. It's head falls down with an electric noise.
Dipper What the...? (Walks up to the Gobblewonker and touches its side) Huh?
Mabel What's wrong?
Dipper steps on the gobblewonker and knocks it. It makes a hollow metalic sound. Dipper climbs up the Gobblewonker.
Soos Careful, dude!
Dipper I've got this! Hold on! (Climbs over the Gobblewonker, then pops up from the other side) Hey, guys! Come check this out!
The gang discovers a handle and turns it, causing steam to come out. They open the trapdoor causing more steam to come out. They discover old man McGucket inside controlling a machine.
McGucket Work the bellows and the...Eh? Aww, banjo polish!
Dipper Wha- Yo- You?! You made this? W-w-why?
McGucket Well, I...I, uh...I just wanted attention.
Dipper I still don't understand.
Old Man McGucket Well, first I just hootenannied up a biomechanical brain wave generator, and then I learned to operate a stick-shift with ma beard!
Mabel Okay, yeah. But why did you do it?
Old Man McGucket Well, when you get to be an old fella like me, nobody pays any attention to you anymore. (Flashback of McGucket outside his son's window with a baseball and gloves and his son, inside his office, closing his blinds. Real time, narrating:) My own son hasn't visited me in months! (Flashback moves to McGucket building the Gobblewonker. Real time, narrating) So I figured maybe I'd catch his fancy with a fifteen ton aquatic robut! (Laughs like maniac and the flashback ends. Sighs) In retrospect, it seems a bit contrived. You just don't know the length us old-timers go through for a little quality time with our family.
Dipper and Mabel (Look at the fishing hats Grunkle Stan gave them and sigh)
Soos Dude. I guess the real lake monster is you two. Heh, heh! Sorry, that just like--boom--just popped into my head there.
Mabel So, did you ever talk to your son about how you felt?
Old Man McGucket No, sir, I got to work straight on the robut! (A projector shows blueprints for the Gobblewonker on the trapdoor) I made lots of robuts in my day! (Pushes button and projectors shows a newspaper with a robot pterodactyl breathing fire on a town and the word "chaos") Like when my wife left me and I created a homicidal pterodactyl-tron, (Pushed button again and projectors shows a picture of a man) or when my pal Ernie didn't come to my retirement party (Pushed button agains and projector shows another newspaper with a large robot terrorizing a town and the word "disaster") and I constructed an eighty ton SHAME BOT THAT EXPLODED THE ENTIRE DOWNTOWN AREA! (Laughs like a maniac) Well, time to get back to work on my death ray! (Ducks into the Gobblewonker and construction noises can be heard from inside. Raises hand in a grabbing motion) Any of you kids got a screwdriver?
Dipper (Takes out camera) Well, so much for the photo contest.
Mabel You still have one roll of film left.
Dipper Whaddaya wanna do with it?
Cut back to Stan driving back towards the shore.
Stan (Looking defeated, sighs)
Dipper Hey! Over here! (Drives by on the beat-up S.S. Cool Dude and both boats stop. Takes a photo of Stan)
Stan What the-- Kids? I thought you two were off playing "Spin the Bottle" with Soos!
Dipper Well, we spent all day trying to find a "legendary" dinosaur.
Mabel But we realized, the only dinosaur we wanna hang out with is right here.
Stan Save your sympathy! I've been having a great time withoutcha'! Makin' friends, talkin' to my reflection-- I had a run-in with the lake police! Guess I gotta wear this ankle bracelet now, so that'll be fun.
Dipper So... I guess there isn't room in that boat for three more?
Stan (Glares at Dipper and Mabel)
Dipper and Mabel (Put on their hats)
Stan (Expression softens) You knuckleheads ever seen me thread a hook with my eyes closed?
Dipper Five bucks says you can't do it!
Stan You're on! (Dipper climbs into the Stanowar)
Mabel Five more bucks says you can't do it with your eyes closed, plus me singing at the top of my lungs!
Stan I like those odds! (Mabel and Soos climb into the Stanowar; To Soos:) Whoa! What happened to your shirt?
Soos Long story, dude.
Dipper All right, everybody get together. Say fishing!
Mabel and Stan Fishing!
Soos (Steps into the picture, but only his belly shows) Dude, am I in the frame?
Photo montage: The picture of Stan and Mabel smiling and Soos' belly; A picture of Mabel covering Stan's eyes while he peeks and tries to thread a hook; Stan reading jokes while Mabel and Soos laugh; Dipper holding his first fish; Stan posing with his hand in his vest; Stan and Mabel stealing fish from Smabel and her grandfather; Dipper, Mabel, and Stan driving away from the lake police.
The gang are on a boat. The boat shakes.
Mabel Whoa!
Dipper What was that?
Mabel (Shrugs)
Underwater, a disposable cameras sinks. The real Gobblewonker swims by and eats it.
End credits.
Mabel (Playing ventriloquist with the pelican) Who wants to hear a joke?
Dipper (offscreen) Not me.
Mabel (As pelican:) Heh, heh! Yeah, ya do! Here it goes: why did the pelican get kicked out of the restaurant?
Dipper (offscreen) I don't care!
Mabel (As pelican:) 'Cuz he had a very big bill! La la la la! Yuk yuk yuk! Blah blah bloo! Yay! Hurray!
Dipper (offscreen, overlapping) Ugh, boo. Bad joke. Bad pelican joke.
Episode ends.

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