The Juke Joint was Stan Pines' favorite '50s themed 1970s diner, and he enjoyed dining and dancing there with his ex-girlfriend, Carla "Hot Pants" McCorkle.


The history of the Juke Joint has not been yet revealed in the series fully. The only known history of the place is that it was constructed sometime in the mid-late '60s or early '70s.

Stan and Carla went to the joint when Stan was still a young man where they'd engage to the '50s styled dancing. On one of these nights a hippie named, Thistle Downe set up shop and played a show called, "Dimensional Healing with Thistle Downe." The music captivated Carla, and according to Stan, Carla was hypnotized into leaving him and dating Thistle instead. Stan said her hot pants turned into bell bottoms before the new couple shot into the air, leaving behind a trail of rainbow and sparkles. Admittedly, Stan said, that last bit was more likely a hallucination than not.

Menu Items

Though the full amount of the fare served at the Juke Joint is unknown, miscellaneous people are seen to be dining on hamburgers, such as the male person in the photo above. Also in the photo, fries are present on the male person's plate, indicating another food item. A female person is drinking a milkshake as also seen in the photo. In the middle left, it is possible to see another male person drinking a beverage, possibly coffee.


There are plush, red, booths on one side of the restaurant. There is the titular jukebox, and a table located near it with two seats on one side and a door on the other side of the jukebox. There's a bar, where drinks and food are served. Condiment containers are located on top of the bar as well as well as the tables. The walls are covered with posters, indicating other possible menu items, and a neon sign that reads "The Juke Joint" is hanging on the wall. A small stage is located in one corner of the of the restaurant, where music or dance can be performed. The floors are tiled black and white as were common of diners in the 1950s.


  • The Juke Joint


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