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Opens to Dipper and Mabel in the Shack. Mabel is sitting on a spinning globe.
Dipper Mabel, do you believe in ghosts?
Mabel I believe you're a big dork! Ha ha ha ha!
Dipper (Puts pencil against globe, making Mabel fall off.)
Stan (Enters from outside.) Soos! Wendy!
Soos (Runs up, pants) What's up, Mr. Pines!
Stan I'm heading out. You two will clean the bathrooms, right?
Soos Yes, sir!
Wendy Absolutely not!
Stan Ha ha! You stay out of trouble! (leaves)
Wendy Hey guys! What's this? (Unveils curtain) Secret ladder to the roof?
Soos Uh, I don't know about this, Wendy.
Wendy Huh?
Soos Uhhhhh.
Wendy Huh?
Soos You're freaking me out, dude!
Dipper Can we actually go up there?
Wendy Sure we can! Roof time! Roof time!
Dipper and Mabel Roof time! Roof time!
Soos (Looks out window) Uhhhh.
Dipper, Mabel, and Wendy (Walk over roof to Wendy's spot)
Wendy I may or may not can up here, every day, all the time. (Throws pinecone. It hits a target on a telephone) Yes!
Dipper and Mabel (Throw pine cones.)
Dipper (Hits a car. Car alarm goes off.)

Jackpot! Hi five. (Holds up hand.) ... Don't leave me hanging.

Oh hey look my friends!

Thompson (Pulls up in car. Waves hand out window.) Wendy!
Wendy Hey, you guys aren't going to tell Stan about this, are you?
Dipper (Zips lips)
Wendy (Zips lips) Later dorks! (Slides down trees and gets into car)
Thompson Let's go! (Drives away)
Dipper Later Wendy! Heh heh!
Mabel Uh, oh!
Dipper What?
Mabel Somebody's in love!
Dipper Ya, right! I just think Wendy's cool! It's not like I lie awake at night thinking about her!
Cut to Dipper in bed at night, wide awake.
Dipper Uh, oh!
Cuts to theme song.
Cuts to inside Mystery Shack

Random dance party for no reason! (dances)

Wendy (dances) Go! Go! Go! Go!
Dipper (writing:) I am pretending to write something down.
Wendy Dipper, come join us!
Dipper I don't dance.
Mabel Ya, you do! Mom used to dress him in a lamb costume and make him do... (whispering to Wendy:) The Lamby Dance!
Dipper Let's not talk about the Lamby Dance.
Mabel Dipper would prance around and sing about grazing
Wendy My friends are here! I gotta go.
Dipper Wait! Why don't we come with you?
Wendy I don't know. My friends are pretty intense. How old are you?
Dipper We're thirteen! So, techincally teens.
Wendy All right. Meet us outside when you're ready. (leaves)
Mabel Since when are we thirteen? Is this a leap year?
Dipper Come on, Mabel. This is our chance to hang out with, you know, the cool kids. And Wendy or  whatever.
Mabel I knew it! You love her! (dances around Dipper and points at him.) Love love lovelovelove!
Dipper Oh  hey, what's that? (points)
Mabel Huh?
Dipper (Flips Mabel's hair over her face.)
Mabel (through hair) Love! Love! Love! Love!
Cut to teens outside.
Lee and Nate (Holding up Thompson.) In the belly! In the belly!
Thompson Come on! Hurry up!
Robbie (Gets ready to throw jelly bean)
Bean hits Thompson in the belly button.
Robbie (Looks at his bean in confusion)
Wendy Hi guys!
Lee and Nate Wendy!
Wendy These are my friends from work, Dipper, and Mabel.
Mabel I chewed my gum so it looks like a brain! (Sticks out her tongue, which has a wad of gum on it)
Dipper She's not not for first impressions. (points at himself) Unlike this guy! ...this guy.
Robbie So are you, like, babysitting, or-
Wendy Come on, Robbie! Guys, this Terri. And Lee and Nate. And this is Thompson, who once ate a runover waffle for 50 cents.
Thompson Don't tell them that!
Wendy And this is Robbie. You can probably figure him out.
Robbie Ya, I was the one who spray-painted the water tower.
Dipper Oh, you mean the big muffin!
Robbie Uh, it's a giant explosion.
Everyone (Looks at water tower)
Lee Ha! Kinda does look like a muffin!
Lee and Nate (Laugh)
Robbie (glares at Dipper)
Everyone (gets into the car)
Thompson All right so, before we go, my mom says you're not allowed to punch the roof anymore, soo...
Everyone except Thompson (punches roof) Thompson! Thompson! Thompson!
Mabel (Takes pen from Dipper. Crosses out, "You stink!" Writing:) You look nice today. (Speaking:) Ha! This is gonna blow someone's mind!
Dipper Mabel, please!
Mabel What, am I embarassing you in front of your new GIRLFRI-
Dipper (slaps hand over Mabel's mouth. Pulls it away.) Ugh! Did you just lick my hand?
Cut to Stan sitting in front of TV
TV announcer You're watching the boring old lady moving channel!
Stan Kids! I can't find the remote and I refuse to stand up!
TV announcer Stay tuned for, "The Duchess Approves"!
Stan KIDS!
Cut to the teens and the twins standing in front of the Dusk 2 Dawn fence.
Wendy There it is, fellas! The condemned Dusk 2 Dawn!
Dipper So was it a health problem, or-
Nate Ya, some old folks died in there, the place has been haunted ever since!
Dipper Are you guys ser'ious?
Wendy Ya. We're all gonna die! Chill out man! (punches Dipper friendly)' It's not as bad as it looks!
Fast forward to everyone over the fence but Dipper and Lee. Dipper is stradeling the fence.
Wendy Come one, Dipper!
Dipper All right all right! Let me just, find a foothold here...
Lee Dude, your sister did it!
Mabel (Running on the ground sideways in a circle) WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!
Lee (Climbs up behind Dipper) Here, let me just... (Throws Dipper off the fence.)
Nate Ha! Nice job throwing the kid off the fence, genius!
Lee Your mom's a genius...
Robbie (Tries to open door.)  It's locked!
Dipper Let me get a crack at it!
Robbie Oh sure. I can't Open it, but I'm sure Junior here is gonna break it down like Hercules!
Wendy Cut it out, Robbie! He's just a little kid.
Dipper (Walks around to dumpster. Jumps up on it. Walks up the Roof to the vents. Punches it)
Mabel Ya Dipper! Punch that metal thing!
Dipper (Punches the vent cover into the vents. Walks inside.)
Wendy Hey, take it easy, man!
Robbie Who wants to bet he doesn't make it?
Dipper (Walks out door. Gestures for everyone to go inside)
Lee Good call inviting this little maniac!
Nate Your new name is Dr. Fun Times!
Wendy (Punches Dipper friendly) Nice work!
Dipper (Skips inside after everyone else)
Teens (Muttering)
Commercial break
Wendy Woah, it's even creepier than I imagined!
Lee Do you really think it's haunted?
Nate Shut up, man!
Dipper (Wipes dust off newspaper)
Mabel (Wipes dust off change slot. Eats the dust) Yep. It's dust.
Wendy Hey guys! You think these still work? (turns on lights)
Teens (Muttering positive things about the store)
Dipper So, what do we do now?
Wendy Whatever we want.
Everyone throws food at each other. Then, they sit in a circle and pop mints into a Pit cola bottle. It explodes and everyone cheers 
Mabel (Runs around corner) Oh my Gosh! Smile dip! I thought this stuff was banned in America!
Dipper Maybe they had a good reason. (Gets hit by a balloon full of food. Runs off.)
Mabel (Puts the stick into the the Smile Dip. Looks at the stick, then pours the entire package into her mouth.)
Wendy and Dipper are eating ice pops on a shelf.
Wendy Dipper, you realize this night is like, legendary, right?
Dipper Ya?
Wendy Check it out. The boys are bonding.
Lee and Nate (stuffing ice into Thompson's pants.)
Wendy I've never seen Terri look up from her phone this long
Terri (Looks up from her phone for a second)
Wendy And your sister seems to be going nuts for that Smile Dip.

!Mabel Ugh...maybe I've had too much... what do you think? (halucinates) !Flavor Pup (backwards) Must distrust grunkle! !Flavor Pup 2 Would you like to eat my candy paw? !Mabel Of course, you little angel! (Eats paw) (Cut to real life, where Mabel is chewing on the air) !Wendy You know, Dipper, I was a little hesitant about letting you hang out with us, but you're surprisingly mature for your age. !Dipper Yes, yes I am! (Smashes ice cream against face) !Nate Hey, can you get us more ice? !Dipper I'm on it!

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