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Opens to Dipper and Mabel in the Shack. Mabel is spinning on a globe.
Dipper Mabel, do you believe in ghosts?
Mabel I believe you're a big dork! Ha ha ha ha!
Dipper (Puts pencil against globe, making Mabe fall off.)
Stan (Enters from outside.) Soos! Wendy!
Soos (Runs up, pants) W
The tiger punches itself.
Tiger Fist narrator Tiger Fist will return after these messages.
Soos Hey, look. It's that commercial I was telling you guys about.
Bud Gleeful [Narrating advertisement.] Are you completely miserable?
Actor in advertisement YES!
Bud Gleeful [Narrating advertisement.] Then you need to meet Gideon.
Dipper Gideon?
Mabel What makes him so special?
Bud Gleeful [Narrating advertisement.] He's a psychic.
Mabel Aroo?
Bud Gleeful [Narrating advertisement.] So don't waste your time with other so-called men of mystery.
The screen is stamped with the word fraud when Grunkle Stan is coming out of an outhouse.
Bud Gleeful [Narrating advertisement.] Learn about tomorrow tonight at Gideon's Tent of Telepathy.
Narrator speeds through sub-text for the commercial.
Mabel Wow, I'm getting all curiousy [sic] inside.
Grunkle Stan Well, don't get too curiousy [sic]. Ever since that monster Gideon rolled into town, I've had nothing but trouble.
Cuts to Grunkle Stan driving in a parking lot. He spots an open parking spot and attempts to back in, but Gideon's tour bus pulls in first.
Grunkle Stan [Makes a fist.] Gideon!
Mabel Well, is he really psychic?
Dipper I think we should go and find out.
Grunkle Stan Never! You're forbidden from patronizing the competition. No one that lives under my roof is allowed under that Gideon's roof.
Dipper Do tents have roofs?
Mabel I think we just found our loop hole... literally.
Mabel holds up a string with a loop in it.
Mabel Mwop mwop!
Bud Gleeful [Narrating advertisement.] So come down soon, folks. Gideon is expecting you.
Cuts to theme song.
Cuts to a crowd entering the Tent of Telepathy.
Bud Gleeful Step right up there, folks. Put your money in Gideon's psychic sack.
Crowd mutters several positive things about the sack's credibility.
Dipper Woah, this is like a bizarro version of The Mystery Shack. They even have their own Soos.
Dipper points to a maintenance worker who looks very similar to Soos. Soos glares at the lookalike.
Mabel It's starting! It's starting!
Dipper Let's see what this monster looks like.
Curtains open and Gideon appears on the stage.
Gideon Hello America! My name is 'Lil Gideon.
Gideon claps and doves fly out of his hair. The crowd cheers.
Dipper That's Stan's mortal enemy?
Mabel But he's so wittle [sic].
Gideon Ladies and gentlemen, it is such a gift to have you here tonight... such a gift. I have a vision. I predict that you will soon all say, "aw."
Gideon makes a cute pose and the crowd says "aw."
Mabel [Amazed.] It came true.
Dipper What? I'm not impressed.
Mabel You're impressed!
Gideon Hit it, dad.
Bud Gleeful starts playing the piano while Gideon sings 'Lil Ol' Me. When the song ends, Gideon is sweating and panting. The crowd cheers wildly.
Gideon Thank you! You people are the real miracles!
Mabel Woo! Yeah!
Dipper Man, that kid's an even bigger fraud then Stan! No wonder our uncle's jealous.
Mabel Oh, come on. His dance moves were adorable! And did you see his hair? It was like, whoosh!
Dipper You're too easily impressed.
Mabel Yeah, yeah.
Next day at the Mystery Shack.
Mabel Check it out, Dipper! I successfully Bezazzled my face! Blink! Ow.
Dipper Is that permanent?
Mabel I'm unappreciated in my time.

the doorbell rings.

Grunkle Stan Someone answer the door!!
Mabel I'll get it!
Mabel goes to get the door. She opens it up but there is no one there. Mabel looks down and finds Gideon
Gideon Howdy.
Mabel It's "wittle" ol' you!
Gideon I know, my song's quite catchy. Now, I know we haven't formally met, but after yesterday's preformance, I just couldn't get your laugh out of my head.
Mabel You mean this one? Ha ha ha-ha! Ha-ha!
Gideon Oh, what a delight! Now, when I saw you in the audience, I said to myself, "Now there's kindered spirit! Someone who apreciates sparkly things in life.".
Mabel That's totally me!
Mabel laughs and coughs up some rhinestones that land on Gideon's suit.
Gideon (whispering) Enchanting. Utterly enchanting.
Grunkle Stan (from inside the shack) Was that the door?
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