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"The Ice Man"[1] is a segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon.


Old Man McGucket talks about who the ice bag on the Zodiac might represent. He states that he already know for a fact that the pine tree represents Dipper Pines and that the star represents Gideon Gleeful. He also says that the glasses represent himself (this is in reference to a fan theory[2]), but this is followed by a short clip of Dipper saying "I'm not so sure about that."

McGucket then wonders who the ice might represent, and presents some of his theories as to the answer. He suggests that it could represent Will E. Badger "since he's so cool", Wax Sherlock Holmes, since "he's gotta stay cool" and Blendin Blandin. No reason is given for Blendin, but it is likely because Blendin bumped into Dipper, making him drop the ice that he was getting for Wendy.[3]

Character revelations

  • McGucket's eyes are blue.
  • McGucket owns a television, which, according to him, talks to him.

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