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Static. Opens to Dipper writing on sign.
Mabel (Whispering from behind camera) We're on!
Dipper Oh. (Clears throat) Hello. And welcome back to Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained.
Mabel (Holds up UFO keychain and buzzes it)
Dipper Thank you. Today we investigate Gravity Falls anomaly #132: The Hide Behind. (Holds up title card)
Dipper (Reading from Journal 3) Local lumberjacks tell of a mysterious creature, always just out of sight. But these photos suggest it might actually be real! Either way, I intend to find out!
Mabel (Jumps out at Dipper) YAAAH! HIDE BEHIND!
Dipper (Drops camera) AAH! Mabel!
Mabel Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Static, cut to Manly Dan.
Dan Hide Behind? Oh, he's real alright. REAL AS MY BEARD! He was behind me once; made this sound: tchktchktchktchktchktchk. Mighty spooky.
The tree that Dan's sons are cutting down starts to fall. They run away.
Dan's Oldest Son Daaad!
Dan's Middle Son It's comin' down!
Dan  DADDY'S DOIN' A MOVIE! He's doin' a movie now.

The tree falls on a shack. Static, cut to Lazy Susan pouring and overflowing a cup of coffee.

Gray mustache man Can I get a refill ma'am? Refill?
Susan Oh, the Hide Behind is definitely real. He might even be behind me right now! Let me see... (turns around and around) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa—!
Static, cut to Stan.
Stan Don't believe every legend you hear, kid. The people in this town are literally the dumbest people in the world. Literally.
Static, cut to Lazy Susan still spinning around. Cut back to Stan.
Stan The Hide Behind's just a rumor. You want a mystery? How about the mystery of why—
Something runs behind Stan.
Stan What the... AH!
Dipper That's it! (Runs after it)
Stan Hey, we're doin' an interview here! Kid!
Mabel Dipper!
Dipper I'm coming for ya. Where is he? Where is he?
Static, cut to a tiny tree.
Dipper Alright. After hours of searching, I've narrowed it down to this tree. (the camera faces to Dipper) I know what you're wondering. How do you catch a creature who's always right behind you? How about... (zooms out the camera) A mirror suit! Nothing's going to sneak up on old Dipper— AAH!
Mabel  (Hangs down from a tree and knocks Dipper over) BLIND SPOT!
Dipper AAH! Oof! I'm down! Dipper down!
Dipper  This is it. Get ready to finally be seen, Hide Behind! In 3... 2... 1...
Jumps behind the tree to find an owl with a maraca in its mouth.
Dipper A-ha! What?
Mabel Wow! Cool! Maraca owl!
Dipper (Takes off mirror suit and dumps it on the ground, groans) Well, based on lack of evidence, I have to conclude, anomaly # 132, the Hide Behind, just a legend. (Sighs and starts to walk away)
Hide Behind (Follows him, then hides behind a tree when Dipper turns around)
Dipper What was that? Meh, nothing. (Keeps walking)
The Hide Behind continues to follow Dipper, then hides when he turns again. Dipper walks off, followed by the Hide Behind. Static.

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