The Duchess Approves is a classic monochromatic movie Stan Pines watches in "The Inconveniencing." It is shown on the "Black and White Period Piece Old Lady Boring Movie Channel." The synopsis of the movie is not fully known. 


Stan is sitting in the living room, watching television when the movie is announced to come on. Stan immediately decides that he does not want to watch the program and asks the kids to come and change the channel, for he has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the remote control and refuses to stand up. When the kids do not respond (having taken a trip to the Dusk 2 Dawn) and the characters of the movie are announced, Stan begins to panic and is forced to watch the movie. Later in the episode, Stan is revealed to actually be enjoying the movie (to his dismay), even consuming ice cream as comfort food to prevent him from crying. He relates to the movie by saying it is "just like [his] life... in a way."

In the middle, the duchess stands up to her mother, the Queen, saying that she is a woman. Stan happily cheers this act of defiance on.

The movie is possibly concluding when Dipper and Mabel are returning to the Shack, and Stan is happily enjoying it. The characters are at the wedding, only for a character known as Count Lionel to shockingly intrude, much to Stan's dislike, claiming that he "had [his] chance at the cotillion." Stan's rage quickly acts upon the television, which he throws out of the window, just as Dipper and Mabel are returning. His response to their stares is "Uh... couldn't find the remote."

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  • Alex Hirsch said he imagines that about 80 minutes of the movie are opening credits "and then the last 10 minutes it's just the Duchess finding her womanhood, telling the Queen that she's her own woman and leaving [Count Lionel] at the cotillion." He said it would be pretty boring to watch, because 90% of it would be names like Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble and Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire.[1]


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