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The Crawlspace is a paranormal black market located under Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper Pines and Pacifica Northwest visit it during the events of the Gravity Falls: Lost Legends story, "Face It".


Ford Pines wrote in Journal 3 about locating the Crawlspace for years, but failed.

In the present, after Mr. What's-His-Face steals Mabel's face and flees, Dipper and Pacifica give chase. As they follow the monster, Dipper uses the President's Key to open a doorway to the Crawlspace. Since the inhabitants dislike humans, he and Pacifica pretend not to be human, but a mistake from Dipper reveals their identities, and they are captured by Mr. What's-His-Face soon after.

Notable Creatures

There are many creatures seen selling things and hiding in the Crawlspace.


  • Toby Determined can be seen in the Crawlspace, purchasing a handsome man face from Mr. What's-His-Face.
  • A creature looking like Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser can be seen in a crowd of creatures when they heard Dipper saying the word "human".
  • A silhouette shaped like Eda from The Owl House can be seen in one of the wanted posters.
  • Eda's Owl Staff can be seen among other staffs in a trolley being pulled by a green creature over a stone arche in a scene where a big burly monster compliments Bandit Jackie (Pacifica Northwest).
    • A creature looking like Cousin Itt from Addams Family can also be seen.

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