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The Club is a very fancy restaurant in Gravity Falls, Oregon, located near the edge of a cliff. It is casino-themed, and wealthy people dine there in big red velvet chairs, and are given playing card-like menus.


In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," Gideon Gleeful planned on taking Mabel Pines there on a date, but she stood him up, sending Dipper Pines to tell him she wasn't interested in dating him. Gideon pretended to be fine with it, but he actually believed Dipper had gotten between him and Mabel.


Season 1


A familiar room.

  • The Club is a direct reference to the "Red Room" in the Black Lodge from the TV series, Twin Peaks.
  • The Club is the same shape as the club suit from a regular deck of playing cards, which is where it gets the name: "The Club." However, a club in cards is black, but the exterior of the restaurant is red.

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