Usage instructions

Paste the following code into the top of an article, filling all known (or relevant) fields:
|image        = 
|link         = 
|linkdesc     = 
|type         = 
|language     = 
|owner        = 
|launch       = 
|ip           = 


Values are as follows:

Parameter Explanation
name Name to display at the top of the Infobox. If you leave this blank, it will default to {{PAGENAME}} and simply display the title of the page. If you specify a name, it will use that instead.
image The name of the picture to be displayed, without the brackets or the "File:" prefix. Size is fixed at 200px, so images in a 4:3 aspect ratio are preferred over widescreen images.

Example:   S1e1 dipper.png
instead of: [[File:S1e1 dipper.png]]
If the picture is not specified, it will use No Screenshot 2.png as a default.

link The URL (web address) for the main page for the game, where it can be purchased, or where the game can be played. Be sure to start with http://
linkdesc Use this to shorten long links. What you put here will appear instead of the full URL. Example: is too long, so if you make linkdesc = iTunes, it will appear as iTunes.
type The type of website it is. For example: Flash game or Official Disney page
language The language the website is in.
owner Who owns the website? This should usually be Disney, as pages should only be about official content.
launch When was the webpage first launched? Check the WHOIS database, if needed.
ip What is the webpage's IP address?


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