The bouncer is a muscular, heavily tattooed man who works at Skull Fracture. He is a former member of the Blind Eye Society.


He is first seen in "Headhunters," when he prevents a miner from entering Skull Fracture. However, he then lets Dipper and Mabel inside the building after seeing their fake "IDs."

S1e3 miner

Miner being refused entry

In "Bottomless Pit!," he appears in Dipper's "Voice Over" story, and chases after him out of anger for a prank call Dipper had made earlier.

Later, in "Gideon Rises," the bouncer makes another appearance as he and another thug are hired by Gideon to be his personal bodyguards; Gideon makes use of them throughout his grand scheme until they are knocked out by the gnomes.

In "Society of the Blind Eye", he is revealed to be a member of the Blind Eye Society. He, along with with the rest of the members, has his memories erased.

When Mabel and Dipper traveled back to the Gravity Falls of ten years prior in "Blendin's Game", the bouncer was seen at the Tattoo parlor, apparently receiving the first of his many tattoos.


He is a large, muscular thug like man with dark skin, a deep voice, and many tattoos. On his forehead, there is a tattoo that says "HEAD," on his chin, there is a tattoo that says "CHIN," and on the back of his neck there is one that says "NECK." He also has a tattoo on his shoulder that says "Over The Shoulder", one that says "No ♥ for U," and another of a swirling square. He also has nose piercings and a unibrow. There is a chain coming out of his jeans pocket.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He has lived in Gravity Falls for at least ten years.


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