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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' was a greeter at the [[Gravity Falls Museum of History]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a greeter at the [[Gravity Falls Museum of History]].

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Sue is a greeter at the Gravity Falls Museum of History.


On Pioneer Day, Sue gives Mabel and Dipper a pink and blue balloons, respectively. Later, she gives a blue balloon to Sheriff Blubs, and apologizes to Deputy Durland with regret, as they have run out of pink balloons.


Sue has medium length curly/fluffy brown hair and a few small freckles on each of her cheeks. She was seen wearing a light blue gown with puffy sleeves, with a slightly darker sky blue apron and matching bonnet, tied around her neck with a bow of the same color. She also has a yellow name tag that reads "Sue."


Season 1

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