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THE WAFFLE WAS HERE[[Category:Books]]
|name = ''{{PAGENAME}}''
|image = S1e13 Succeeding in management 1983.png
|type = Business book
|first = [[Boss Mabel]]
|last =
|times = 1
'''''{{PAGENAME}}''''' is a business self-help book. Presumably, the guide was published in 1983.
In "[[Boss Mabel]]," [[Mabel Pines|Mabel]] uses the outdated techniques in the book to her advantage, to try to win the challenge of running the [[Mystery Shack]] she makes with [[Stan Pines|Stan]]. A notable technique is "imaginizing."
The book is full of impromptu techniques of running a business. Some of the techniques included are wearing shoulder pads, which Mabel does respectively. Another such technique is wearing a suit, possibly based on the "dress to impress" theory. Another possible technique, is to make the employees feel better specifically the method '''SELVES''': "'''S'''atisfied '''E'''veryday '''L'''oving Life '''V'''ery Much '''E'''veryday '''S'''atisfied," which "increases" work production by making the employees feel like they are "number one," making their work spaces more self-friendly, and giving employees time off with full pay.
"Imaginizing," is another technique revealed to be in the book. This technique is used to allow an uncomfortable employee to imagine themselves in a state of success and perseverance, therefore attempting to put those thoughts into actions.
The book is a considerably large. Due to its age and neglect, it's gotten damaged over the years; the jacket cover is wrinkled and ripped in places. The cover has a picture of a floppy disk, the planet Earth, and a "3D" graph. The words "SUCCEEDING IN MANAGEMENT" are written in a red in the top half. Over the graph, the year "1983" is written in yellow in a larger font.
[[Category:Season 1 objects]]
[[Category:Season 1 objects]]

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