The Stuffed Animal Tree is an imaginary figure who resides in Mabeland.


The Stuffed Animal Tree resembles a chestnut tree, with green leaves and a brick-red trunk with its roots drooping down the slope into the river, as well as different toy animals hanging from it, such as a purple kitten, pink rabbit, green frog, bluish-purple dog, sky-blue koala, and yellow bird.

When angered, it briefly shows its true self, with darker colors (and the stuffed animals turning gray), a grimace, and glowing orange eyes.


In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," the tree was seen singing by the Giggle Crook where Dipper was. After he realized that the Wendy accompanying him wasn't real, both the tree and animals showed their true, nightmarish forms, before returning to their cheerful selves as if nothing had happened after Sev'ral Timez pass by on a tandem bicycle.

Later in the episode, it was destroyed along with the other imaginary residents of Mabeland (except Xyler and Craz), once Mabel popped the bubble that contained Mabeland.


  • Two of the stuffed animals (frog and dog) were previously seen in the short "Candy Monster".


Season 2

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