"Straight Blanchin'"[1] is a rap song written and produced by Lil Bigg Dawggg. It's a summer hit and one of Soos' favorite songs.

Soos plays it on a boombox in the Mystery Shack, on his way to the Gravity Falls Museum of History in his pick-up truck, and on the way home after his adventures during "Society of the Blind Eye." Soos describes it as "the catchiest song of the summer," much to Wendy's annoyance, as she dislikes the song immensely, to the point that she threw the CD out of Soos' pick-up truck, though she immediately regretted it, saying she'll buy him a new one.


TV version

Am I blanchin',
Girl we blanchin'
I live up in a mansion

(Are you blanchin'),
Yeah we blanchin'
I live up in a mansion

They have your attention,
But girl we still blanchin'
Things have your attention, (okay)

Girl we still blanchin'
Mansions so blanche
Got platinum on my grands

Eat your own pants,
Eat your own pants,

Extended version

The full song had lyrics that are both unheard and cut from the one aired on tv.[2]

Am I blanchin' girl we blanchin'
I live up in a mansion

(Are you blanchin'?)
Girl, I'm blanchin'
I live up in a mansion

Can I please have your attention?
Cuz you know we straight up blanchin'
Can I please have your attention
You know dat we straight up blanchin'

We be blanchin' on a plane
We be blanchin' straight to France
We got blanchin' on the brain

C'mon eat your own pants
Eat your own pants, baby!


Kids are we blanchin'?
Yeah we still blanchin'
We continue to blanch
That word makes sense yup


  • The foreword of the book How To DJ R-R-R-R-ight shown in "Double Dipper" was written by the rapper, Lil Bigg Dawggg, the same rapper who sings "Straight Blanchin'."
  • The definitions of "blanch" according to the dictionary are:
    • to put (food items) in boiling water or steam for a short time
    • to suddenly have less color in your face because you are afraid, embarrassed, etc.
  • During the 2015 D23 Expo Alex Hirsch revealed that the definition of "blanchin'" chosen for the song was: "To steam a vegetable, thus removing its color and flavour."[3]
  • Brad Breeck also used "blanching" to mean "working."[4]


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