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This page is for Steve (human), a mechanic. For the gnome, see Gnomes. For the tree-like behemoth, see Steve.

Steve is a mechanic who lives in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Steve is seen enjoying some of the festivities during Pioneer Day, such as dressing up and pretending as though he is from the year 1863. He soon runs into Grunkle Stan while walking his donkey where he finds that Stan's car has gotten stuck in the mud. When Stan asks him for help due to the fact that Steve is a mechanic himself, Steve pretends to have no idea what Stan is talking about, or what a "car" is, calling it a "Magic Wheel Box" even though he is a car mechanic. Stan then asks him to "cut him some slack," to which Steve replies that he doesn't know what the term "slack" means. Stan then gets frustrated and shakes Steve violently.


Steve is tall and skinny. He is bald, has a large nose, and sports stubble all around his oval face. During Pioneer Day, he wears a green shirt, blue pants, brown suspenders, and a brown wide brimmed hat.[1]


Season 1


  • In "Headhunters," after Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland mock Dipper, a dispatcher excitedly states over the walkie talkies that, "Steve is attempting to fit an entire cantaloupe in his mouth!" Whether this is the same Steve, or a different Steve, is unknown.


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