This page is for Steve, a tree-like behemoth. For the gnome, see Gnomes. For the mechanic that lives in Gravity Falls, see Steve (human).

"Steve"[1] is a giant, tree-like behemoth living in Gravity Falls.


Steve doesn't make an actual physical appearance, except for its own hand which is made of brown tree bark and its foot, which appears in one of the first few promo images for the beginning of the series.


In a promotional poster for Gravity Falls, Dipper and Mabel are seen climbing over a tree formation that takes the image of a gigantic human foot.

In "A Tale of Two Stans," When Ford came to investigate the town of Gravity Falls, hoping to get answers, the unseen monster's hand grabs his car and pulls it into the woods, which encourages Ford's beliefs.


Season 2


Gravity Falls Logo

Gravity Falls promo.

  • In the promotional poster of Gravity Falls, Mabel and Dipper are visible climbing over the roots of a tree that are formed into the shape of a human foot.
  • Stanford Pines attempted to communicate with the monster with a megaphone, though Steve responded by throwing a deer.
  • In Journal 3, Ford says he calls the Tree-Monster 'Steve' because 'it really looks like a Steve'.
  • Considering Steve was present in the forest of Gravity Falls when Ford was an adolescent, and likely long before, as well as when Dipper and Mabel arrived in Gravity Falls, Steve may be immortal.


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