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[[es:Me equivoque]]
[[es:Me equivoque]]
[[ru:Извинительная песня Стэна]]
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[[Category:Season 1 songs]]

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The "Stan Wrong Song"[1] is an apology song written by Mabel Pines performed by Stan Pines.[2]


The song first appears in "Boss Mabel." During the negotiations of their bet, Mabel makes Stan agree to singing a song written by her on camera should he lose the wager. Mabel makes good of this promise upon her victory, where she makes her great uncle perform the song in a flamboyant orange bodysuit at least thirty times.

In "Mabel's Guide to Fashion," Stan can be heard singing the song to himself while shaving, having grown fond of the catchy tune. However, he only gets through the first two lines before he is tackled to the ground by Mabel and Grenda.


I'm Stan and I was wrong
I'm singing the Stan Wrong Song
I shouldn't have taken that chance
Now here's my remorseful dance


Season 1



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