Stan Bucks are Stan Pines' homemade "currency," which he uses when trying to trick the worker at the Summerween Superstore in "Summerween." Stan Bucks are also used in the Disney game PinesQuest.


Season 1

In "Summerween," when the Summerween Superstore cashier calls the police to have the Pines and Soos removed, Stan leaves a Stan Bucks note behind after fleeing with the stolen Summerween merchandise. The cashier is seen holding the Stan Bucks after the smoke from the smoke bomb clears.

Season 2

Among the evidence gathered by the government agents in order to arrest Stan is a Stan Buck, as seen in "Not What He Seems."

An early version of a Stan Bucks note appears to the left of the mirror in "A Tale of Two Stans," when Stan is wearing a white shirt and a question-mark tie.


They're made of somewhat wrinkled index cards, with a crude estimation of a normal dollar bill's overall design drawn on them. A border with the number fifty written in each corner and "Grunkle Stan" written in the bottom center surrounds a crudely drawn picture of Stan himself with a speech balloon coming from it declaring: "It's Money!" Above this caricature are three dollar signs; to the left of them is the word "STAN," while to the right of them is the word "BUCKS."


Season 1

Season 2



  • As seen in "Not What He Seems", Stan is experienced in forgery. It is therefore likely that the Stan Bucks are more a mockery than a real attempt at fake money.

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