This page is for Stan's Brother, the segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon. For Stan's twin brother, see Ford Pines.
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Stan's Brother[1] is a segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon.


Old Man McGucket starts off by saying that he believes there is something strange about Stan Pines, saying that he "used to see a guy who looked just like him around [town]." The man would do things such as "sciency stuff" and reading, and that he "practically looked like Stan's twin brother."

McGucket then goes on to talk about his own "twin brother," who watches him when he bathes (it is actually just his reflection in the tub). McGucket happily says that he hasn't bathed in weeks because of this and that he smells terrible as a result.

Character revelations

  • The author often spent time reading books.
  • McGucket believes that the reflection of himself in the washtub he bathes in is actually his twin.

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