The Unnamed carny was a carnival worker at the Mystery Fair.


The Unnamed carny has only been in "The Time Traveler's Pig," working at the "Win a Pig" booth. When Mabel Pines wins Waddles, he suspects that she is a witch for correctly guessing the pig's weight, even though the pig's very name at the time, "Fifteen-Poundy", gave the answer away. He also tries to give her a fork and knife for her to eat Waddles with, but she refuses.

After the twins go back in time and Mabel wins her pet again, she, knowing what the carny will ask, tells him that she is a witch. He then says it's time to gather an angry mob, and lights a torch, but is unable to find Mabel, since the twins have gone back in time again. When Dipper uses his sister to help him win a panda-duck stuffed animal for Wendy after his many, many fruitless attempts, he hands Waddles over to Pacifica Northwest, Mabel's mortal enemy, though Dipper later decides to let Mabel have her pig instead.


The carny wears white overalls along with brown straps attached to nearly-equal brown pants. Along with the white shirt, a red tie goes over it. He has grey hair along with a grey mustache. He has a yellowish hat which has a black stripe on it. The hat is bordered by a zig-zag like shape. At some points in the episode, he has a concave-like stick.


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