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The space lizard is a creature that appeared in the short "Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo".


Mabel's Scrapbook page mentioning the space lizard

According to Mabel, the space lizard was defeated by her and Dipper in a dogsled race. It is unclear when and where this took place. Probably somewhere in snowy mountains is where he lives.


A humanoid lizard, dressed in a suit with a top hat and is missing an eye.




  • The space lizard can be a clear reference to the reptilian conspiracy theory just like the Arachnimorphs.
    • During the ending credits of "Sock Opera" there is a cryptogram once decoded using vigenère cipher, it reads "WE’VE ALL HAD SOME FUN TONIGHT, BUT LET’S NOT FORGET WHO THE REAL "PUPPET MASTERS" ARE: REPTOIDS WHO HAVE INFILTRATED OUR GOVERNMENT ."

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