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S2e5 BEARO key.png
S2e5 BEARO key.png
S2e5 download you.png
S2e5 download you.png
S2e5 burn the game.png
S2e5 burn the game.png
S2e5 bubbly disc.png
S2e5 bubbly disc.png

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Cold open

Romancing the ladies

Why do kids love this stuff?

Discovering Romance Academy 7

Otaku Soos

Sweet Honeys at the mall

Meat cute

Romantic date

Animatronic nightmare

Messy breakup

End tag

Promotional videos


Promotional art


Paul Robertson sprites

S2e4 sockopera
Sock Opera
Episode galleries S2e6 giant live action grab
Little Gift Shop of Horrors
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