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Soos' cousins are two unnamed women in Soos Ramirez's family.


Early life

On July 13, 2002, they attended Soos' twelfth birthday party, showering their little cousin with affection.

Season Two

Dipper and Mabel witness the cousins give a young Soos affection during his 12th birthday in "Blendin's Game," remarking his birthday party seems to be an enjoyable time.


One has pale skin, a light purple top and long wavy brown hair which appears to be tied in a ponytail. She has the same nose as Soos and is seen wearing teal eye-shadow, pink stud earrings, and green and blue party hat. The other has dark skin, a bright pink top with light pink frills on the top and bottom and black pants. She has long, black, wavy hair and wears dark red lipstick and blue hoop earrings. She has a beauty-mark on her face and is seen in a pink and purple party hat.


Season 2

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