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Soos' Confusing Adventure is an online platformer video game on Disney XD's website. It's based on the Fixin' It with Soos shorts.





The player must use clones of Soos created by the photocopier and transform those clones into different versions of Soos to overcome obstacles. Only five clones can exist at the same time, so some clones must be melted with water by holding down on them.

Costume Get using... Usage
Bezazzled Soos Disco ball Powers electric platforms.
Luchador Soos Luchador mask Strength/weighs down platforms.
Cool Soos Sunglasses Laser vision to break down stone and melt ice.
Old West Soos Bucket of water Puts out fire.


  • Sorry Bro - Melt 40 Clones
  • These go to my stash - Collect 20 magazines. There are a total of 14 magazines in the game, so you'll have to repeat levels in order to get this.
  • Fixing and Healing - Solve 10 puzzles. This means you'll have to complete levels 10 times. Again, this requires repeating levels.
  • The Call Of Power - Get Rank 10 three times
  • Looks Like Summerween - Transform 20 times in a single level
  • I made my own economy - Unlock the secret ending. See "Secrets" below for more information on how to unlock this achievement.


A secret bonus level, the "Ultra Room", is unlocked when the code from PigPig Waddles Bounce Ultra is entered into the code screen. This room is modeled after PPWBU, and the name "Ultra Room" is derived from that game's title.

The player can unlock a secret ending after achieving a perfect score of 10 on all six main levels. This will unlock the "I Made My Own Economy" achievement. Note that the player does not have to complete the Ultra Room to get this ending.


  • On the secret code menu, "18-9-6 3-12-4-6-23 22-15-17 5-3-21-21-19-5-5:" can be seen next to the code input area. When decoded using the Combined cipher, it reads "FOR ULTRA BIG SUCCESS:" which hints that the code revealed in PigPig Waddles Bounce Ultra is used to unlock the secret bonus level.
  • Another cryptogram appears on the secret code menu, after it's unlocked. The message is "PBKA FK QEB ZILKBP!", and after being decoded with Atbash and Caesar ciphers (in that order), it says "SEND IN THE CLONES!"


  • The game's title may be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Since Disney LOL shut down, you can still play the game on third-party sites like Toongo.

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