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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Sock Opera." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Episode opens with a shot of the Gravity Falls Library.
Dipper Pines Alright, Mabel, today is the big day.
Mabel Pines Big day!
Dipper Soos finally fixed up the laptop. If this thing works, we could learn the identity of The Author and unravel the greatest mysteries of Gravity Falls. You ready?
Mabel Oh, I'm ready, baby. (flips through pages of a pop-up book with a drawing of an infant) Ma-ma.
Dipper This is it. This is it. (powers on the laptop, which reads "Welcome") Aha! It worked.
Dipper & Mabel Blip, blap, bloobity bloop, twins. (high-five, bump fists, and stick out tongues)
Alarm sounds. The laptop reads "//UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS FORBIDDEN//", and then it reads "Enter Password".
Dipper Ugh! Of course, a password.
Mabel Don't you worry, bro bro. With your brains and my laser focus, there is literally nothing that can distract us from... Did you hear that?
Gabe Bensen (singing): All my life I've been dreamin' of a love that's right for me. And now I finally know her name and it's...

(talking to the kids:) sing it with me kids.

(singing with kids:) Literacy!

(Bee puppet:) I finally understand what all the buzz is about. Reading!

(Book puppet:) Give me some of that honey! (They "kiss". Gabe laughs.)

Mabel (flapping pages of a pop-up of a heart) Ba bump. Ba bump.
Dipper Oh, boy.
Theme song
Gabe Haha. Thank you, thank you.
Mabel Just when I was getting over Mermando, of course, you show up at my doorstep.
Dipper (Walking to bookshelf) Oh, yeah, I forgot about Mermando. Did not care for Mermando. (grabs the library book off of the shelf and flips though it) Okay, this cryptology book says that there's 7.2 million 8-letter words. I'll type, you read. Okay, Mabel? Mabel?
Mabel's empty chair spins.
Gabe (Singing:) That's why we don't stick our hands in (with kids:) other people's mouths! (Talking:) Hey, I'm Gabe Benson, ya'll. Good night! (Parents walk their kids out)

(Gabe to puppets:) Hey, good job today, you guys.

(Book to Bee:) You were late on your cue!

(Bee:) WHAT?

(Normal:) Hey hey, be good to each other. We're all stars.

Mabel (Rolls in on book cart) Hey! Guess who's Mabel! I am. Care to learn more? I bet you do. You like to learn- WAA (falls off cart and walks up to him) And I'm up!
Gabe Oh, hey, I'm Gabe. Master of puppets. Nice to meet you.
Mabel You're amazing with those puppets.
Gabe Really? (sadly:) A lot of people think puppets are dumb, or, just for kids or something.
Mabel Are you kidding me? I'm puppet-CRAZY! People call me Puppet-Crazy-Mabel!
Gabe Really? People used to call me Puppet-Crazy-Gabe! So when's your next puppet show?
Mabel My huh?
Gabe I mean, you can't truly love puppets if you're not throwing puppet shows, right?
Mabel Ha, yeah, I mean I'm TOTALLY working on a puppet show.
Gabe Oh, what are the details?
Mabel (Stalling, nervously:) There are soooo many details...
Dipper (Types in "PASSWORD" on the computer. It beeps.) Huh... (Mabel sits next to him) So, how'd it go?
Mabel Dipper, how hard do you think it'd be to write and compose a sock puppet rock opera with lights, original music and live pyrotechnics by Friday?
Dipper (The computer beeps) What? (grabs Mabel) Mabel, are you serious?
Mabel I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! I got lost in his eyes and his ponytails and I'm gonna be so embarrassed on Friday if I don't have ANYTHING.
Dipper What about cracking this password? You know, mystery twins? (bumps fists)
Mabel If you help me with this for JUST a couple of days I promise I'll help with the password! Please, pretty please! (whispering:) It's for love, Dipper.
Dipper All right, okay-
Mabel (Hugging him) YES! THANK YOU!! THIS GUY! HE'S NUMBER ONE!!!
Dipper Okay, okay, okay, shhhh...(Dipper and Mabel are leaving the library) I can't wait to get to the bottom of this laptop. We're close to something big here; I can feel it...
Bill's shadow follows them while walking out of the library. Montage of Dipper and Mabel preparing for the opera and Dipper trying to figure out the password. Cuts to everyone (Mabel, Dipper, Soos, Wendy, and Waddles) in the living room, working on the puppets.
Mabel Alright. This is gonna be called Glove Story: A Sock Opera. Just to warn you, people's eyes will get wet. Cause they'll be crying. From laughter! From how tragic it is.
Dipper (Trying to rip sock puppets that are glued to his face) Yeah, um. That's sounds great. (Coughs up pom-poms)
Wendy Corduroy Come on, Dipper, you gotta roll with Mabel's craziness. It's what makes life worth living.
Mabel (singing:) Puppet boy, Puppet boy, you're the boy I-
Everyone Loooooovvvvveeee! (Waddles squeals along)
Stan Pines (starts to walk in) Not even gonna ask.
Cut to the evening with Mabel putting puppets around her bed.
Mabel Goodnight, my babies. (takes a Gabe puppet and makes it kiss the Mabel puppet) Mwop mwop mwop mwop. Mwah! Soon, Gabe Benson-
Computer beeps.
Dipper Ugh, wrong password, WRONG, WRONG! UGH! (Collapses)
Mabel Don't stay up all night, Dipper. Last time you got this sleep-deprived you tried to eat your own shirt.
Dipper (Sucking on shirt, then spits it out) Pleh. Just a few more tries. (Cut to him on the roof, typing and making the computer beep) Ugh, I can't take that sound anymore. (Pounding on computer) I. Hate. You. Sound. (Yawns) There has to be some shortcut or clue. Who would know about secret codes?
Wind blows. An eye creeps around the moon, and bricks form around it to reveal Bill. Color vanishes from the world.
Commercial break
Bill Cipher Well, well, well. You're awfully persistent, Pine Tree. Hats off to you! (takes his hat off, tilting the world sideways)
Dipper (falling off roof) AA! AAA! AAA! AAAAAAA! (Falls back on) You again!
Bill Did you miss me? Admit it, you missed me.
Dipper Hardly. You worked with Gideon! You tried to destroy my uncle's mind!
Bill It was just a job, kid! No hard feelings! I've been keeping an (becomes bigger and voice becomes lower:) EYE ON YOU (normal size and voice:) since then, and I must say I'm impressed!
Dipper Really?
Bill You deserve a prize! Here, have a head that's always screaming! (claps and a screaming head appears)
Screaming head Aah! Aah! Aah!...
Dipper (Shocked) Ah!
Bill (Snaps and the head disappears layer by layer) Hahaha... The point is, I like you. How's about you let me give you a hint, huh? I only ask for a small - (Voice gets low and hand and eye light on fire:) FAVOR (Normal:) - in return.
Dipper I'd never do a favor for you! Don't forget who defeated you last time!
Bill (Rising out of the roof behind him) Right, you "defeated me". Well if you ever change your mind (Pretends to grab Dipper's brain) I'll be here for you, ready to make a deeaaall. (three slots appear spinning on his chest. They stop at a pine tree symbol) Hey, wanna hear my impression of you in about three seconds? AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
Dipper (Wakes up) AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
Cut to Stan in kitchen.
Mabel (Waving the Stan puppet in Stan's face:) Hey, I'm puppet Staaaannn!
Stan Still ignoring this.
Dipper (Walks in and yawns) Hey Mabel. (Yawns)
Stan Woah, bag check for Dipper's eyes. Ha ha! Nobody?
Mabel Dipper, I told you to get some sleep last night! Here, wake up with some Mabel Juice. (Holds blender full of red liquid with various objects floating around) It has plastic dinosaurs in it!
Stan It's like if coffee and nightmares had a baby!
Dipper (Pushing Mabel into living room) Mabel, listen, last night I had a dream with Bill in it.
Mabel Wait, hold up, the triangle guy? (holding fingers around her eye to make a triangle)
Dipper He said he'd give me the code to the laptop if I gave him something. Like I'd actually trust Bill, right?
Mabel Don't worry, bro. Today's the day that the mystery twins are back in action. I'll help you crack that code. I've just got to hand off my puppet stuff to my production crew.
Dipper Production crew?
Cut to Candy and Grenda outside the Mystery Shack covered in socks.
Candy Chiu We read the script. Very emotional.
Grenda I cried like eight times.
Gabe Hey ladies. (skates up to them)
Mabel GABE!
Gabe I was just bladin' by. Helps me dry out my ponytail after a shower. (Takes off helmet and shakes hair) Ah, ah.
Grenda Hubbity-hubbuty.
Candy (whispering) 메이블이 한테 개이브을 훔쳐와야겠다! (Revised Romanization: "Maeibeur'i hante Gaeibeu'eul humchyeowayagetda." Subtitled: "I must steal him away from Mabel.")
Mabel It's so great to see you! I was just working on the world's greatest puppet show. IT HAS PUPPETS!
Gabe Your passion is so refreshing, Mabel. Unlike the girl from last night's puppet show. Single-stich on one puppet, and cross-stitch on the other? I was like, "Uh-uh!"
Mabel Cross-huh?
Gabe Naturally I deleted her off my cell phone contacts list.
Mabel NATURALLY! Hahahaha!
Gabe I know you won't let me down. Based on what you said the other day, you must be a puppet expert.
Grenda You know, Gabe, you look pretty sweaty. You should really take your shirt off. Right? Aren't we all thinking that?
Gabe Later, ladies. (Skates off)
Mabel GWAAA!! We gotta up our game, girls! Did you hear that thing he said about the stitches?!
Grenda Don't worry, Mabel, your crew can handle it! (Holds up puppet of herself, but then rips it) Oops.
Candy How many eyes does a face have again? (Holds up sock covered in googly eyes)
Soos (Trying to keep a mountain of stuff on the car) I got it, I got it, (Falls) Ah! I'm not okay!
Mabel AAA! Okay, I'm back on fabrication. (Running) Get me my lint roller!
Dipper (Grabs her) Whoa, whoa! Hey, you just said you were going to help me!
Mabel DIPPER! This sock crisis just bumped up to code argyle! The laptop can wait!
Dipper Mabel, do you seriously think that your random crush of the week is more important than uncovering the mysteries of this town? You're obsessed!
Mabel I'm obsessed? Look at you! You look like a vampire! And not the hot kind!
Dipper (rubs eyes) But you said you were going to help me today!
Mabel (Sock:) Oh, I can help you. With tickles! (Tickles him)
Dipper Ha! Ha! Ha! (punches her arm and Candy and Grenda laugh) Okay, fine! You know what? I'll do it on my own! (in attic, typing) Passwords. Passwords. Mabel. Is. Useless. (Yawns) Oh, man...
Computer Too many failed entries. Initiate data erase in five minutes.
Dipper No! Noonono! I'm gonna lose everything?! I only have one more try?!
Everything turns black and white and Bill appears.
Bill Well, well, well. Someone's looking desperate.
Dipper I thought I told you to leave me alone.
Bill I can help you, kid. (hand lights on fire) You just need to hear out my demands.
Dipper (looking at computer, which is at 4 minutes now) Uh, what crazy thing do you want anyway? To eat my soul? To rip out my teeth? Are you gonna replace my eyes with baby heads or something?
Bill Yeesh, kid, relax. All I want is a puppet!
Dipper A puppet? What are you playing at?
Bill Everyone loves puppets. And it looks to me that you've got a surplus.
Dipper I don't know, man. Mabel worked really hard on these.
Bill Seems to me one little puppet is a small price to pay to learn all the secrets of the universe. (his voice echoes on the last word) Besides, what's your sister done for you, lately? How many times have you sacrificed for her, huh? And when has she ever returned the favor? (flashes back to scenes from "Tourist Trapped," "The Time Traveler's Pig," and "The Deep End").
Dipper (Looks at Mabel playing outside with her friends, and the computer, which now has 30 seconds on the clock)
Bill (Eye becomes a clock) Tick tock, kid. (Reaches for him and hand lights on fire)
Dipper Uh, just one puppet? Fine! (shakes hand) So what puppet are you gonna pick, anyway?
Bill Hmm, let's see. Eenie meenie mynie... (voice gets low and echoes:) YOU.
Dipper What?! (Bill tears Dipper from his body) What? (floating transparently. Puts his hand through his stomach) This can't be happening! What did you do to my body?!
Bill (In Dipper's body, gets up) Sorry, kid but you're MY puppet, now! AAHAHAHA! (throws computer to floor and steps on it) AHAHAHA!
Dipper Oh my gosh, this can't be happening. This can't be happening!
Bill (stumbles around, cackling. He stops in front of a mirror while a horrified Dipper watches.) Man, it has been so long since I've inhabited a body. (slaps himself in the face) Woo! (slaps the other cheek) Woo! Haha! Pain is hilarious!! And two eyes? This thing's deluxe! (Examines his eyes and pulls down his lip to look inside his mouth.)
Dipper I don't understand! Why are you doing this?! I thought we had a deal!
Bill Look kid, you've been getting way too close to figuring out some major answers. I've got big plans comin' and I don't need you gettin' in my way. Destroying that laptop was a cinch. Now I just need to destroy your journal. Race ya to the bottom of the stairs! (Tips backward and tumbles down the stairs.)
Dipper (gasps. He zooms down through the floor and lands in the living room. He steadies himself and flies through the wall into the hall.) Hey!
Bill (In the kitchen, taking a can of Pitt cola from the fridge.) Human soda! I'm gonna drink it like a person! (He pours it into his mouth and over his face, laughing.) Where do you keep that journal anyway? (Opens a drawer and reaches in. He slams the drawer on his arm repeatedly.) It's gotta be around here somewhere. (Continues slamming drawer, occasionally wincing) Boy, these arms are durable.
Dipper I've hidden it! (Bill strokes his chin thoughtfully, forks stuck in his arm.) Somewhere you'll never find it in a million years!
Mabel Hey Dipper! (From the doorway) I borrowed your journal to use as a prop in the show I hope you don't mind I'm gonna go before you process this sentence okay BYEE!! (runs off)
Bill (He looks at Dipper, then grins) Sure, sounds great, sister! I'll see you at the show!
Dipper Wait! No, Mabel, don't listen to him! That's not me! (He flies after Mabel. Mabel gets in Grunkle Stan's car.) You've gotta hear me! (He flies in front of the car.) No, no! Wait! Stop! (The car drives through him.)
Bill Heh! welcome to the mindscape, kid! Without a vessel to possess, you're basically a ghost!
Soos Ramirez Oh, hey Dipper! There you are!
Wendy What up, dude?
Dipper Soos! Wendy! Help me! (He waves his arms and flies through Soos.)
Soos (to Bill:) We're heading to the theater.
Wendy Need a ride, Dipper?
Bill Oho, anything for you, Red! (He gets in the car)
Dipper I'm gonna stop you, Bill! I'm gonna find that journal before you do and I'm gonna stop you!!
Bill But how can you stop me, (slowly turns to Dipper) if you don't exist? (He laughs maniacally as the window rolls up, showing Dipper's horrified expression. The car drives off, and Dipper is left staring after it.)
Cut to the outside of the Theatre Time Theater. Dipper flies out of a nearby building.
Dipper Bill? Bill! I gotta get my body back before he does something crazy with it. (He flies into the theater.)
Bill Aw, nothing like the theater, huh toots? (He is sitting with an arm around Wendy and Soos.) Hey Soos, wanna hear the exact time and date of your death?
Soos Heheh, okay!
Mabel Hey guys! You all made it!
 Stan Are you kidding me? I would never miss... whatever this is.
Bill By the by, Mabel, where'd you put my journal again?
Mabel I used it as a prop for the big wedding scene! I still need a reverend, though.
Bill Hey, what if I play the reverend? I mean, someone's gotta hold that journal, right?
Mabel Right! Let's go! (runs off with Bill)
Dipper Oh, no! Wait! Mabel! (He flies after and follows them backstage.)
Mabel peeks through the curtain. Gabe is sitting down with his puppets. The lights flicker.
Grenda The show is about to begin! Please turn off your cell phones! Unless you're texting me, cuties!
The house lights dim, and, to applause, the curtain opens. The set is a glittery and colorful Mystery Shack. A light illuminates Candy, standing at a keyboard, dressed as David Bowie.
Candy Gather round, and let us sing, about a girl who had almost everything.
She is rolled off the stage. A Dipper puppet pops out of a window and sings.
Mabel (As Puppet Dipper:) Look, it's Mabel! (Puppet Mabel pops up.)

(As Puppet Mabel:) Hi there!

(As Puppet Soos:) Did you say stable?

(As Puppet Stan:) No, he said Mabel!

(As Puppet Mabel:) Okay, hit it, boys!! (The puppets form a line and sing.)

(Singing as puppets:) Who's that girl with the pig and the braces? She puts smiles on everyone's faces! (Gabe smiles and nods along) When she's around, you're never bored!

(As Puppet mayor:) I am a mayor, and here's an award!

(Singing as Puppet Mabel:) Thank you, mayor, it's true I'm great. But the perfect girl needs the perfect maaaate... (Gabe puppet is revealed.)

(As Puppet Gabe:) Hey, what's up, I'm Gabe.

(As Puppet Mabel:) Bwaaaa? (Heart glasses are layered over eyes)

Bill (Grenda is standing backstage. Bill, dressed in vicarage clothing, walks up behind her) So, hey, Grendo! Where's that book prop I'm using for the wedding scene?
Grenda It's up in the wedding cake. But that doesn't come down until Act 3. So hold your horses!
Bill (backing away) Oh, I'll hold my horses. I'll hold them... you monster.
Dipper (flies up to Grenda) Hey! Listen! Have you seen Mabel? (Grenda doesn't see him.) What did Bill say? I can't be heard without a vessel? Where would I find a- (notices a pile of puppets and grins)
Mabel (As Puppet Mabel:) Finally, we're together.

(As Puppet Gabe:) I'm sorry, Mabel, but I have to go fight. In the war! (A helmet lands on his head. He yells and runs off into a ravaged, flaming background. With a roar, a gigantic many-tentacled monster appears. Lasers flash, fog rolls in, and gunshots are heard.)

(As Puppet Mabel:) I'll wait for you, Gabe! I'll wait for you!! (Happy music plays and the curtain closes. The audience cheers.)

Grenda Our intermission has begun! Mill about! (The audience does.)
Mabel (In her dressing room) Whew, okay, you can do this, Mabel. Only 36 more musical numbers. (She drinks from the water fountain. The Dipper puppet slowly rises, floating beside Mabel.)
Dipper Pst, Mabel! (She notices the Dipper puppet talking and does a spit take.)
Mabel Aah! It's come to life! The puppetbooks didn't warn me about this! (She throws a fork at it.)
Dipper Mabel, it's me, Dipper! You need to help me!
Mabel Wait, what, Dipper?! But you're... so much more of a sock than usual!
Dipper Mabel, you have to listen. Bill tricked me! He stole my body and now he's after the journal! You have to find the journal before Bill destroys it. It's the only hope to get me back in my body!
Mabel But my cue's coming up any minute! (There is a knock on the door and Gabe enters with flowers.)
Gabe Hey, Mabel, do you have a moment?
Mabel GABE! (She grabs the puppet floating beside her and tucks it behind her back, laughing nervously. Dipper struggles to free his hand.)
Dipper Ow! Mabel!
Gabe Mabel, it's clear to me now that you really love puppets. I mean, you went whole hog. And if you stick the ending, well, maybe later you could join me for a biscotti?
Mabel You drive a biscotti? (The lights flick on and off)
Gabe I'll be waiting. (He leaves.)
Mabel Did you hear that? He loves it! This play has to be flawless. Can't we wait until after the show?
Dipper Mabel! You want me to be a sock puppet forever?! (The puppet's arms flail)
Mabel (laughs) I'm sorry, it- it looks funny when you're mad.
Dipper (grunting)
Mabel Okay, okay, okay, just take over for me till I get back with the book. Little puppet face!
Cut to the stage. Dipper is providing the voices for the puppets.
Dipper (As Puppet Mabel:) Gabe! You're back from the war!

(As Puppet Gabe:) Yes I am! Wanna kiss and sing at the same time?

(As Puppet Mabel:) Okay! (He makes kissing sound effects as the puppets kiss.)

(To himself:) Seriously?

The audience applauds. Mabel climbs the catwalk and runs over to where the giant cake is hanging. The journal sits inside. Mabel climbs over the edge and reaches for the journal.
Mabel Come on, come on! (Falls into the cake and it plummets down. Just before it hits the stage, it is pulled back up.)
Dipper (As Mabel:) I hope this kiss never ends!
Mabel (sighs) Come on, come on now, there must be a way to get Dipper's body back!
Bill Oho, but why would you want to do that? (Mabel looks up to see Bill pulling the cake up, with lights shining behind his grinning face.)
Mabel Bill Dipper! Bipper.
Bill Shh! You wouldn't want to ruin the show... Whoops! (He briefly releases the cake, sending Mabel plummeting.) It's slipping! How's about you hand that book over?
Mabel No way! This is Dipper's! I'd never give it away!
Bill Hmm, you didn't seem to have a problem taking it for your own play, ditching him when he needed you. So come to your senses. Give me the book or your play is ruined. (Mabel sighs and begins to hand over the journal.) There it is. I mean, who would sacrifice everything they've worked for just for their dumb sibling?
Mabel Dipper would.
Bill Huh? (Mabel pulls him into the cake and they fall to the stage.)
Dipper (As Puppet Stan:) I'm giving you away. You are a woman now. Waddles, the rings! (Waddles squeals) Wait, what? (Dipper looks up to see the falling cake.) Oh no. (The cakes crashes to the floor. Mabel and Bill tumble out, grappling over the journal. Lasers and fog go off.)
Mabel Get out of my brother's body, you evil triangle!
Stan (gets out camera) Whoa! Children fighting! I can sell this.
Mabel (Hits Bill in the face with the journal and runs away.)
Bill You can't stop me! I'm a being of pure energy with no weakness! (Lunges at Mabel.)
Mabel True, but you're in Dipper's body. And I know all his weaknesses!
Bill Whaddya mean his- (Mabel tickles him)
Mabel Tickle, tickle!
Bill (Laughs and falls on the floor.) Aah! Body spasms! What are these?
Mabel A little note about the human body- You haven't slept for 24 hours! (She runs around the stage, Bill chasing her) Also, I got a full night's sleep and I'm on four mega-shots of Mabel Juice!
Bill (His face drooping) Ah! What is this feeling? (Wheezing) My body is burning! I can't move these stupid noodle legs! Curse you, useless flesh sticks! Body...shutting down... must...scratch... mosquito bites...
Dipper and Mabel watch as Bill stumbles around, then he collapses. Bill shoots out of Dipper's body and the world turns black and white.
Bill Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.. hey! (Dipper flies back into his body and opens his eyes.)
Dipper Hey! Yes! I'm in my own body! And it's... just as underwhelming as I remember. (He stands and grips his back in pain.) Ooh, everything hurts.
Bill (cackling. The twins look over to see the Dipper puppet talking.) This isn't the last you'll hear of me! Big things are coming! You can't stop me!
Mabel I'm sorry, Gabe.
She pushes the "Big Finish" button. Bill is revealed to be on a pile of pyrotechnics, which explodes, sending fireworks shooting into the audience and blowing up the box of puppets. In slow motion, the Grunkle Stan puppet arcs through the air, aflame, as Gabe, amid falling puppets, looks on in shock. "Ave Maria" plays mournfully.
The rest of the fireworks go off in a cacophonous boom, and Dipper gleefully stomps on the Dipper puppet. As the smoke clears from the smoldering set, the twins turn to the audience. Some scaffolding crashes to the floor behind them.
Mabel Don't worry. I've seen enough movies to know this is the part where the audience thinks it was all part of the show and loves it. Cue applause!
The audience stares at them and starts to boo. They get up and leave the theater, grumbling about how they almost died. Gabe stands, frowning.
Mabel Gabe! Stick around for the wrap party? We've got mini-quiches!
Gabe Don't speak to me, Mabel. You've made a mockery of my art form. Let's go, my loves. (He walks away, kissing the puppets.)
Dipper Did he just make out with his puppets?
Mabel I might've dodged a bullet there.

(running after him) 개이브 잠깐! 캔디는 아직도 널 사랑해! (Revised Romanization: "Gaeibeu jamkkan! Kaendi neun ajikdo neol saranghae!" Subtitled: "Wait, Gabe! Candy still loves you!")

Dipper Oof. Mabel, I'm sorry about all this. It's my fault your puppets got ruined.
Mabel Well, one of them survived. (Pulls out the Mabel puppet.) And she has something to say to you. (as puppet) I'm sorry, Dipper. I spent all week obsessing over a dumb guy. But the dumb guy I should have cared about was you! Bap! (Nudges Dipper's face.) Mystery twins?
Dipper Mystery twins. (They fist bump. Dipper gasps in pain.) Ow! What'd Bill do to my hand? Ahh!
Mabel Nothing a little sleep can't fix. (They walk offstage.) Come on, bro bro, let's go home.
Dipper Seriously, I need to go to the hospital.
End credits. Real-life Dipper and Mabel puppets.
Mabel Puppet Hey Dipper, what did one sock puppet say to the other sock puppet?
Dipper Puppet I don't know Mabel, what?
Mabel Puppet You look like you could use a HAND! (She laughs. Dipper Puppet faces away annoyed. The curtain closes. Puppet Stan and Old Man McGucket are sitting in a theater booth)
McGucket Puppet That joke was really something!
Stan Puppet Yeah, something terrible! (Laugh)
Mabel wakes up with a scream. She turns the Mabel puppet away from her bed and goes back to sleep.

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