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The Snadger is an animal couple consisting of a European Badger and a snake. The couple was named Snadger by Mabel Pines.


The Badger and the snake first appeared in the season 2 episode The Love God.

When Mabel and the Love God are in the diner, Mabel sees a Badger and a Snake fighting outside. The snake hissing at the badger and the badger growling defensively at the snake.

Mabel asks the Love God if he can make anyone into a couple and if he can, that he should prove it by make the fighting animals love each other. The Love God proves he is able to do this by using his Love potions and turns the animals into a loving couple. The snake hugs the badger and they walk off together happily. Mabel enthusiastically renames the couple Snadger.

They later can be seen, still together, in Weirdmageddon (event) fleeing of the terror caused by Bill Cipher.


Season 2


  • The snake and the badger remain a couple for the rest of the series.
  • The Badger is portraited as a European Badger. A species of badgers who are common in Europe and the United Kingdom, but are not native in America. Therefore the badger shouldn't be appear in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

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