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|image = S1e5 smile dip.png
|name = Smile Dip
|type = Candy
|first = [[The Inconveniencing]]
|last =[[Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo]] (pictured)
|times = 2}}
'''Smile Dip''' is a candy manufactured by [[Nyums]], the same company that makes [[Gummy Koalas]] and various other snack food items seen in [[Gravity Falls, Oregon|Gravity Falls]]. Smile Dip is currently banned in America. It used to be sold at [[Dusk 2 Dawn]].
== History ==
===Season 1===
It appears in "[[The Inconveniencing]]," [[Mabel Pines|Mabel]] thought that it was banned in America; however, the Dusk 2 Dawn still had it when it closed down (though as made evident by the "do not sell" tape around the stand it was probably in the midst of its recall). After eating "bleventeen" packages of Smile Dip, Mabel began to hallucinate. Among her hallucinations were the two [[Flavor Pups]] (the Smile Dip mascots), one of whom offered her a candy paw, and an aqua colored [[Aoshima|dolphin]] with muscles, horn honks, and four arms that constantly hurled out endless rainbow trails. While riding it, she shouts,"Onwards [[Aoshima]]!" At the end of the episode, Mabel claims Smile Dip is "evil" and she will never eat or do anything again because of it.
In "[[Boyz Crazy]]," Mabel begins dancing along to her [[Sev'ral Timez|favorite band]] and [[Dipper Pines|Dipper]] mentions Smile Dip, questioning Mabel if she ate some of it because she is very hyper.
In "[[Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo]]," there are two pictures of Mabel from "The Inconveniencing," from when she was eating Smile Dip. The package is in her hand in one of the photos.
===Season 2===
In "[[Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]," one of Das Flavor Pups is in [[Mabel's bubble]].
== Appearance ==
Smile Dip comes in a pink packet with the words 'SMILE DIP' written at the top in blue in a white oval. Two smiling yellow dogs are seen on the packet both a golden in color, the dog on the right has green eyes and a blue collar. The dog on the left has blue eyes and a purple collar, above the two dogs "DAS FLAVÖR PUPS <sub>MT</sub>" is written in a darker shade of pink with small white sparkles around it.The [[Nyums]] logo is also placed at the bottom of the package.
== Sightings ==
== Trivia ==
*Alex Hirsch said that the inspiration for Smile Dip was "Fun Dip and expired sugar."<ref></ref>
*The hallucinations that it causes resembles [[Wikipedia:Lisa Frank|Lisa Frank]] artwork.
* Smile Dip won the 2014 Wikia Fantasy Food contest and was sold out of Wikia's food truck at ComicCon.
* Despite being banned in America, Mabel seemed to own Smile Dip in [[PigPig Waddles Bounce Ultra]]
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[[de:Smile Dip]]

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