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Skull Fracture is an extreme biker joint in Gravity Falls, where, in addition to bikers, Manly Dan, Mr. Poolcheck, and Tyler Cutebiker usually hang out. The bar is located in a run-down building on Main Street and is guarded by the tough-looking bouncer Tats.


Season 1[]

In the episode "Headhunters," Mabel and Dipper Pines sneak in using fake IDs in order to interrogate Manly Dan. When they walk in, a biker is seen getting punched in the face, and Mabel steps over his legs, commenting "He's resting." While Dipper is questioning Dan on what he was doing when Grunkle Stan's wax figure was decapitated, Mabel plays the fortune teller game with Bats Biker, predicting that his wife will be beautiful. When they leave, the biker yells, "But will she love me?!"

In Dipper's story "Voiceover" in "Bottomless Pit!," Dipper walks by it while looking for Stan, so the latter would reassure Dipper that his new voice was preferable to his old one. Unfortunately, Tats recognized his voice from an earlier prank call he pulled, and Dipper ended up getting chased not only by Tats but by all of the bar's occupants.

Season 2[]

In the episode "The Stanchurian Candidate", the inside of the joint is visible, revealing new customers such as the Unnamed cameraman and the Unnamed man in blue vest.

Known customers[]


Season 1

Season 2


  • A beverage name, "Hiirzch" (a reference to Alex Hirsch), is seen around the bar.
  • There is a neon sign in the bar that reads "Neon."
  • The club does not serve miners and is fairly lax about checking IDs.
  • The biker whose legs Mabel steps over during her first time entering the joint has never properly appeared in the series, suggesting he may not have been "resting."


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