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Sergei is a "Sportlympic" Russian mini-golfer and Pacifica Northwest's personal trainer.


Early life

At an unknown point in his life, Sergei participated in the "Sportlympics", in which he received a gold medal for playing mini-golf. He was later employed by Preston and Priscilla Northwest as a private instructor for their daughter, Pacifica.

Season 2

Sergei first appeared alongside his pupil Pacifica at the Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt in "The Golf War." Later that night, he accompanies her in her tournament against Mabel Pines to support her throughout the competition. After the Lilliputtians kidnap Pacifica and attack himself, his charge and their opponents attempt to flee, though he is left behind and is forced to watch the Lilliputtians perform a musical act.

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," he is one of the people in Bill's throne of frozen human agony.



Sergei has a tall, rectangular head with long brown hair, square mustache, small eyes, a square nose and a cleft chin. He has a lanky, albeit athletic, build, and wears a red sweatband, red v-neck shirt with yellow stripes on the sleeves, yellow/gold shorts and black and white tennis shoes with ankle-high white socks. He also dons a gold medal, though it is typically covered by his shirt.


Sergei is a dedicated mini-golfer who takes great pride in his achievements. Likewise, he drives his student, Pacifica, toward the same aspirations of greatness.


Season 2



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