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Rumble's Revenge is a game on Disney's Gravity Falls website in which Rumble McSkirmish exacts his revenge on Dipper Pines by trapping him and Mabel Pines in a video game. This game is connected to Pinesquest.

Game play[]


Beat all four levels and defeat Rumble McSkirmish at the end of the last level so they can escape from the video game world.

How to Play[]

  1. View the introduction (optional).
  2. Select your character.
  3. Use the arrow keys to move, press "X" to attack, grab or release an item or enemy, press "C" to jump and use the space bar to activate your special attack.
  4. Every 5,000 points, you gain an extra life. Every 10,000 points, you receive a strength upgrade.
  5. Extra hint: combine X and C and bit more space to move on to crazy combos.


  • Small brown coin.
  • Small silver coin.
  • Medium reddish-orange coin.
  • Medium silver coin.
  • Large yellow coin.
  • Extra-large light blue coin.


  • Bone stick
  • Grunkle Stan staff
  • Milk box
  • Tin Cans
  • Eye Ball
  • Ham
  • Camera
  • Water Balloon
  • Ice Bag
  • Broom
  • Marshmallow on a stick

Character appearances[]




Background characters[]

Character stats[]


Dipper is the fastest of the playable characters, though he is a bit weaker. His special attack consists of him summoning the Multi-Bear while holding a radio playing the song "Disco Girl."


Mabel is stronger than Dipper, but slower. Her special attack involves riding on Aoshima in a similar fashion to her hallucination in "The Inconveniencing."


The Forest[]

The game's version of the Gravity Falls Forest.

The Caves[]

The game's version of the Man Cave, and where the player must face Leaderaur.

Deep forest[]

The game's version of the deep forest from "Little Dipper."

The City[]

The game's version of the Main Street, and is the area where the final boss battle against Rumble McSkirmish takes place.


Code Decoded
l ehw brx’uh zrqghulqj zkr l dP. i bet you’re wondering who i aM.
l grq’w jlyh xs dqvzhuv hdvB.. i don’t give up answers easY..
l nQrz wklqjv. Idvflqdwlqj wklqjv… i kNow things. fascinating things…
brxu uhdolwb lv d jdph wr ph.dqg l olnh jDphv…. your reality is a game to me. and i like gAmes….
plvfklhi lv pb Plggoh qdph. exw qrw pb iluvw….. mischief is my Middle name. but not my first…..
wkHuh duh vla klqwv l zloo jlyh brx …… thEre are six hints i will give you ……
1- wkhuh lv d vhfuhw vrfLhwb lq judylwb idoov……. 1- there is a secret socIety In gravity falls…….
2- wkh kdqgbpdq nqrzV pruh wkdq brx wklqn…….. 2- the handyman knowS more than you think……..
3- jlghrq kdv Ehhq vhdufklqj iru vrphwklqj ……… 3- gideon has Been searching for something ………
4- zkdw jrhv xs Lv vxuh wr frph grzq ………. 4- what goes up Is sure to come down ……….
5- glsshu lv sOdblqj zlwk iluh ………. 5- dipper is pLaying with fire ………..
6- l zloo eh uhwxuqlqj wr judylwb idoOv ……….. 6- i will be returning to gravity falLs …………
  • Take all the capitalized letters together and it reads: "MY NAME IS BILL"


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