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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

The rocket cart is a device built by the newly super-intelligent Waddles after he ate percepshrooms off of Dipper's forehead.


In the "Little Gift Shop of Horrors," segment "Abaconings," Waddles builds the cart not long after his intelligence is enhanced, allowing him to communicate with humans and shoot plastic darts.


Waddles launches a dart at Gompers.

The rocket cart comprises of a small wooden pedestal that has a toy truck taped to the bottom of it, with a pillow acting as a seat. A book and some sort of communication device is attached to the top of the stand, the book also held in place by tape. A device that can shoot multicolored darts is connected to the front of the cart, with a black wire connecting the communication device and the dart-shooting device together.


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