(Confidence, comedy, some third word starting with a "C")
(Traps and attractions)
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S2e16 awk.png
S2e16 awk.png
S2e16 new mummies daily.png
S2e16 new mummies daily.png
Jerk Dipper.jpg|"What a jerk."
S2e16 creepy candy.png
S2e16 creepy candy.png

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Cold open

The whole ball of yarn

Confidence, comedy, some third word starting with a "C"

Mabel ships it

Traps and attractions

A sticky situation

Heading back to the shack

End tag

Promotional videos


Promotional art

S2e15 unicorn
The Last Mabelcorn
Episode galleries S2e17 ford the true hero
Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future
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