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A lot of theorists who know the shows Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty theorise that both of the shows are associated with each other. The reason being that the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, and the creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland are both friends.

Some screenshots:


The three items exits from one of the potals.

Exhibit A


Stan's three items being sucked in the Interdimensional Portal.

Stan's mug, pen and notebook passing through the portal in S1, E10's "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind".

Exhibit B

D7b4e0c85e9264b2bb74aaab59513d7f7d5bb626r1-1163-638v2 hq

Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines as Morty's clone is seen in S3, E1 "The Rickshank Rickdemption".

(Sadly Grunkle Rick isn't wearing a fez)

06c472395650f310bace2735b3de9c547adc3132r1-768-1089v2 hq

And one of the tubes with Stanford Pines's name written in it.

Exhibit C

E56053821c750ff8cb871252a909e20798bc895cr1-441-461v2 hq

One of the tube with Bill Cipher's name.

In S3, E8 "Morty's Mind Blowers" in the secret chamber underneath the garage, holding Morty's memories that Morty wanted Rick to remove. In one of the tubes, called "Morty's Mind Blowers" by Rick, there are two tubes which seem quite familiar.
Fb capture-doeocran-2018-03-07-ao-15-21-39

The Cthulhu in Rick and Morty's intro.

Exhibit D

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 8.41.03 PM

Image of the Cthulhu in Journal 3.

In Journal 3 page 63-64 or "Unified Theory Of Weirdness" page, the outlines of Zigerionon, Plumbus and Cthulhu from the show can be found.
Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 8.40.57 PM

Image of the Plumbus in Journal 3.

Capture preview card

The Plumbus in Rick and Morty.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 8.41.10 PM

Image of the Zigerions in Journal 3.


The Zigerionon in S1 E4 in Rick and Morty.

Exhibit E

Tumblr oaxu7gPUPi1uq2z2oo1 1280

Ford Pines's wanted poster in the multiverse.

In Journal 3, in one of the pages written by Ford Pines when he came back to Earth, was what he did during his 30-year disappearance. He wrote down how he was wanted just like Stan Pines.

The two translations, which might I add I decoded, was

"Rick was here" and "Return for bounty, Armed and dangerous".

Clearly "Rick" stands for Rick Sanchez, in Rick and Morty, so they might've been allies at one point in the multiverse.

F68f2b82bbaf06e69bb6d5a04c0a0f3a0795dbc0 hq

The monitor with Bill Cipher.

Also at the start of S2 E7, "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez", a picture of Bill Cipher is seen on the monitor while Beth and Jerry go to counseling.

But worst of all, look at Glaxo Slimslom's eyes, they are yellow with cat-like slits in the middle, just like how Bipper's eyes looked like when Bill Cipher possessed him, quite coincidental, correct?

S2e4 bipper saves mabel

Bipper's eyes.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 9.10.22 PM

Glaxo Slimslom's eyes.

Exhibit F

Af359d1f4c24b2c1474732c1706df4fb5d5ec4d1r1-715-904v2 hq

Blind Eye Society member selling Memory Canisters.

Finally in Gravity Falls Lost Legends, a part in "Face it" where Dipper Pines and Pacifica Northwest search for Mabel Pines's face, they arrive in the The Crawlspace, an underground paranormal black market which in one of pages you can see a small red cart the sign saying "Unforgettable Deals". You can see that it is being run by one of the members in Blind Eye Society. And in one of the Memory Canisters there's one that's labelled "Rick S." which stand for Rick Sanchez.

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