Reggie is Soos Ramirez's cousin and grandson of Abuelita.[1]


Early Life

On July 13, 2002, a teenage Reggie attended Soos' twelfth birthday party.[1] At an unknown point, he got in a fight with a teenager and sustained major injuries.[4]

Season 2

In "Soos and the Real Girl," it is revealed that he is engaged, and he makes a physical appearance at Gravity Malls with his fiancée. According to Soos, Reggie is not as rich as him.

In "Blendin's Game," a younger Reggie is seen at Soos's birthday party. He comforts his younger cousin when Soos's dad does not arrive for his birthday.


Reggie has a build similar to Soos, but with darker, longer hair and more facial hair. He wears a black t-shirt with an image of a winged skull under a sash that reads "Love," an earring, a blue jacket with cutoff sleeves, and an upturned collar. The tattoo on his left arm reads ラギ (literally "ragi"), which is a failed attempt at translating his name.


Season 1

Season 2



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