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The Redwood Highway is a roadway in Oregon which contains numerous tourist traps, including the Mystery Shack.

Corn Maze

S2e16 soos trapped

Soos stuck in the corn maze.


  • Large corn maze
  • Corn cob thing


Stan Pines pranked this tourist trap by releasing a bag of corn weevils. Then Soos got lost in the maze, and the Pines family left him behind.

Granny Sweetkin's Yarnball

S2e16 yarnball

Giant yarn ball

See: Granny Sweetkin's Yarnball for more

House Shoe


  • Large shoe

Log Land


  • Log ride
  • Log hat
  • Log on a stick


Stan Pines pranked this tourist trap by letting beavers loose in the attraction.

Mystery Mountain

S2e16 mystery mountain

Entering Mystery Mountain

See: Mystery Mountain for more.

Mystery Shack

Main: Mystery Shack.

Neon Ville

 ! This section requires expansion.

Septic Ridge RV Park

 ! This section requires expansion.
S2e16 Ian Worrel backgourd art 2

Septic Ridge

Tent of Telepathy

Currently out of business.

Main: Tent of Telepathy.

The Big Thing

No information available.

The Giant Pan

No information available.

Upside-Down Town

S2e16 upside down town

See: Upside-Down Town for more.

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