Real Man Jerky is a brand of jerky. Dipper Pines buys it in hopes of becoming more masculine.


Chutzpar eating jerky.

In "Dipper vs. Manliness," Dipper feels humiliated for his lack of "manliness" at Greasy's Diner, so he runs off into the woods to try and work out. After failing pathetically, he pulls out the jerky and morosely agrees with the packet's slogan. Shortly after, he meets Chutzpar, who was summoned by the smell. Chutzpar asks to have the jerky and ends up eating it off the ground.


The packaging is a red plastic packet with a black trim. There is a clear window, through which to see the jerky inside. The cover has a tanned muscular man, with a blonde mustache, white tank top, blue bandanna, and sunglasses. The slogan on the cover says "You're Inadequate!" The man on the cover could be an allusion to Hulk Hogan.


Season 1

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