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Pyronica is a character in Gravity Falls, appearing in the episode "Weirdmageddon Part 1." She is an old friend of Bill Cipher and is part of The Gang of Interdimensional Criminals and Nightmares. She was, along with Bill and the rest of the gang, trapped in her decaying dimension, but was finally set free when the rift between the dimensions cracked during the prophicised Weirdmageddon.


Pyronica is referred as a freak, an outcast to her dimensions, and presumebly has criminal history.

She was trapped in the Nightmare Dimension for trillions of years, craving to get out and have some fun.

Season 2

In "Weirdmageddon Part 1", she is finally set free from her dimensional prison and stands along with the rest of the gang until the party starts.

Inside the pyramid, in the hest of the party, she can be seen playing Spin the Human with the other demons, and when Lazy Susan's stonified statue turns spins to her, she flings her tongue and swallows Hectorgon. When the Time Police crashes the party and the Time Baby is killed, she is worried, but the worry turns to malicious excitement, as the party gets on.


Pyronica is a glowing pink demon with a big head, adorned by short pink hair, with bangs parted across her face, and several small horns across her skull, in between her two other big curved horns. She has an eye in the middle of her head, just above her wide mouth and thick lips, that hide her buck teeth and fangs combo, inside her mouth.

She has a humanoid slim body, and her legs and arms are made of white flames. She wears a long pink cape and pink stiletto pumps.


Season 2


  • The designer for Pyronica has stated she was designed to represent a personification of Bill's blue flame.
    • Strangely, her color scheme is mostly pink and white, rather than blue.
  • Concept art of her shows she was initially going to have snake-like hairs, with mouths on the edges.
  • Her name is a pun on the name Veronica with the latin word for fire, Pyro.


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