Probabilitor Pythagorus Decimaldore the 3.1415th[2], often shortened to simply Probabilitor the Annoying, is the greatest wizard in all "mathology," give or take an error of 0.4.[1]


Season 2

Probabilitor the Annoying appears as the leader of a group of creatures (summoned by the Infinity sided die) that faces off against the Pines family and Grenda in "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons." He captures Dipper and Ford, with the help of Hot Elf, an ogre, and the griffin, wanting to eat their brains and gain their intelligence. He later challenges Mabel and Stan to a game of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, the humans fighting against the various creatures and spells Probabilitor summons, such as the ogre-nado and the Impossibeast. He ends up losing to Stan and Mabel, and is sent back to his home dimension.


He is a slender wizard with lavender skin, a few light purple freckles on the side of his head, a fairly long blue tinted white beard and long eyebrows, a long nose, black lips, and very large ears. His finger nails are painted black. His clothing consists of a teal cloak with a high collar, a black shirt, and black pants. His skullcap is also colored black, with a circular cyan colored gem on the top.


Season 2


  • Probabilitor's weaknesses are prime statistical anomalies over 37 but not exceeding 51.
  • In the '90s, during the period that the creators of the game tried to make it "cooler," Probabilitor's name was temporarily changed to Probabilitizzle, and his clothes were remodeled into a '90s style look.


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