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The principal of Glass Shard Beach High School worked at Glass Shard Beach High in the 1970s. He was the first to acknowledge Ford Pines's potential and recommend to the Pines that he be given the opportunity to attend West Coast Institute of Technology.


In "A Tale of Two Stans," the principal calls Ford into his office for a meeting with him and his parents to discuss Ford's potential as a "future millionaire," based on the success of his science fair project, which will be evaluated by West Coast Tech. The principal also tells Mr. and Mrs. Pines that their other son, Stan, will essentially never amount to anything except getting paid to scrape the barnacles off the local saltwater taffy store on the dock and that they'll at least have one son in New Jersey forever.


Despite seemingly well-meaning, he is also cynical and dismissive of students he considers a lost cause.


The principal has a brown mustache and hair that's thinning on top and goes down to just past his neck. He wears square glasses and a gold chain necklace, and a blue long-sleeve button-up shirt.


Season 2


  • He has a photo of Richard Nixon hanging on the wall in his office.


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