The Prank-a-Tron 5000 is a game on the WATCH Disney XD app, currently only available in the Android version. 


Using sound bites from a compilation of Disney XD shows, drag them into the player and run the sounds straight through. The series featured in the game are:

List of Gravity Falls soundbites

Sound name Origin Who says it
One, Two, Three! "The Legend of the Gobblewonker" Mabel and Dipper
Awesome "The Inconveniencing" Unknown
Behold My Butt! "Boyz Crazy" Wendy
Big Dork "The Inconveniencing" Mabel
Dance For Me Child! "Boyz Crazy" Ergman Bratsman
Get Outta Here "Boyz Crazy" Stan
Go Wild "Boyz Crazy" Grenda
Help "Tourist Trapped" Mabel
Holy Mackeral "Boyz Crazy" Stan
Jackpot "The Inconveniencing" Mabel
Lick My Hand "The Inconveniencing" Dipper
Noooooooo "Headhunters" Stan
Oh My Gosh "The Time Traveler's Pig" Mabel
Punch a Teenager "Boyz Crazy" Stan
Uugh Girls "Boyz Crazy" Dipper
Uh Ooooh "The Inconveniencing" Mabel
What The Heck "Tourist Trapped" Dipper
Brown Meat "Boyz Crazy" Stan
Animal Cry Unknown Animal
Blah Unknown Mabel
Burp Unknown Unknown
Fart "Tourist Trapped" Mabel
Door Slam Unknown Door
Barf "Tourist Trapped" Gnome
Laugh Goofy Unknown Mabel
Fairy Dust Unknown Fairy
Oink Oink "The Time Traveler's Pig" Waddles
Monster Roar Unknown Monster
Monster Roar 2 Unknown Monster
Siren "Headhunters" Police cruiser
Slurp Unknown Unknown
Splash Unknown Unknown
Thump Unknown Unknown
Tire Screech Unknown Tire
Wub Wub Wub "The Inconveniencing" Mabel
Autotune Boy Band "Boyz Crazy" Sev'ral Timez
Sound Bite Guitar "The Inconveniencing" Guitar
Sound Bite Scary "The Inconveniencing" *bg cue
Sound Bite Creepy "The Inconveniencing" *bg cue
Sound Bite Thriller "The Inconveniencing" *bg cue
Sound Bite Suspense "The Inconveniencing" *bg cue
Orchestra Hit 1 "The Inconveniencing" *bg cue
Orchestra Hit 2 Unknown *bg cue
Psycho Hit Unknown *bg cue
Segue 1 "Tourist Trapped" *bg cue
Segue 2 "Tourist Trapped" *bg cue
Segue 3 "Boyz Crazy" *bg cue
Segue 4 "Boyz Crazy" *bg cue
Theme Song Gravity Falls Main Title Theme None

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