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The Plaidypus is a type of cryptid creature native to Gravity Falls, first mentioned in Gravity Falls: Journal 3 and seen in the underground, paranormal black market beneath Gravity Falls. It is a monotreme-like animal that resembles a platypus, except its fur is red and black striped like flannel, making it sought after by lumberjacks. It is also said to be immune to mosquitoes.


Before Series

Referenced by Stanford Pines in the Gravity Falls: Journal 3. While Ford and his assistant Fiddleford were traveling to Crash Site Omega to find parts to power the Universe portal, they came across this creature while taking a lunch break, when it took a bite of Fiddleford's sandwich and scampered back into the brush.

According to Stanford, these creatures were thought to be a myth and were rumored to be what all flannel was made from.



  • They're known as the "Source of all Lumberjack Jackets."
  • Ford notes that they smell like "bacon and maple syrup."
  • Young plaidypus' only have horizontal stripes and gain the vertical stripes when mature.
  • Their pelt is thought to be warm, impervious to mosquito bites, and fashionable every 10 years or so.
  • Plaid actually refers to a length of cloth rather than the pattern the creature is named for.


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