The pioneers are settlers travelling along the Oregon Trail who appear in "The Time Traveler's Pig," They all seem to be a family or a traveling troop.


At some point in the early 1860s, the pioneers decided to seek out a new home, via the Oregon Trail.

After Mabel and Dipper Pines accidentally travel back in time some 150 years and run off a cliff in an attempt to escape from a buffalo stampede, they land in one of the pioneers' carts. The scene switches to a wide scale view of the pioneers, then to several individual ones. When one sees the Pines twins, he exclaims that his wife has had two more children. The wife then goes on to say that there would be "more little hands to render the tallow." One of the children in the wagon comments about there being "silver" in Mabel's mouth, and Mabel explains that they are called braces, along with telling the pioneers much about modern times, doing such things as showing them a calculator and saying it is a "Magic Button Machine," much to Dipper's dismay. The twins then time travel again, leaving the pioneers behind.


The pioneers wear patched, ragged clothing, typical for their time period. The males tend to wear hats, overalls, collared shirts and boots. Females are seen wearing old dresses.


They behave as stereotypical pioneers and are fascinated by the present-day technology that Mabel shows to them.

List of pioneers


  • Fertilia's husband exclaims "By Trembley!," which is a reference to Quentin Tembley in "Irrational Treasure."
  • The Pioneers are a reference to the computer game "The Oregon Trail" from 1974.
  • Dysentery was a common way to die in the game.


"Watch out for mountain lions, travelers."

"Dysentery! Who wants dysentery?"
—Elderly pioneer[source]

"Forge ahead mighty oxen. For a new life awaits us on this Oregon Trail."
—Fertilia's husband[source]

"By Trembley! Fertilia, seems you've given birth to two more children!"
—Fertilia's husband[source]

"Her mouth is filled with silver, mother."
—Fertilia's son about Mabel's braces[source]


Season 1


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