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Pioneer Day is a festival celebrated annually in the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. It celebrates the day the town was founded, along with the town's rich history and culture. During the celebration, it is common for people to dress up and act as if they were in 1863, the 21st year of the town's founding.

Pioneer Day Festivities[]

Many festivities are included with Pioneer Day to make it seem like 1863; for example, candle-dipping, gold panning, and Old Man McGucket telling about the history of Gravity Falls. When Grunkle Stan harasses the police for acting a little crazy to him, they shove him in "ye stocks."


Stan accidentally drives Dipper and Mabel into the fair. Though he expresses distaste for the fair, Dipper and Mabel find it intriguing. However, Stan hates Pioneer Day.

The twins look around the fair for some time, before Pacifica Northwest, the great-granddaughter of the supposed founder, makes a speech. She asks people to introduce themselves, and Mabel does so. However, she is mocked by Pacifica.

Disheartened, she and Dipper walk away. Dipper looks through book 3, and finds that Nathaniel Northwest may not be the true founder of Gravity Falls, prompting the twins to search for the true founder, Quentin Trembley.


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  • Pioneer Day should not be confused with the actual Pioneer Day, an official holiday celebrated on July 24 by the Latter-day Saints in Utah and the surrounding states. However, it has some similarities, given the real holiday commemorates the entry of the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, like how Pioneer Day commemorates the founding of Gravity Falls.


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