Pines Pawns is a building located in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey. The pawn shop itself is located on the first floor of the building, with the second floor being the home of Filbrick Pines and his family.


Season 2

In "A Tale of Two Stans" it was revealed that Pines Pawns was the business and home of Filbrick Pines, his wife and their children, Stan and Ford. The twins shared a room with a bunk bed on the right side.

It was from this house from which Stan was kicked out of after damaging his brother's Infinite Motion Machine and therefore his chances of attending West Coast Tech.


It is a red brick two-story building with two windows on the top floor, a yellow striped awning above a large display window and front door on the bottom floor. The left window of the second floor features a neon sign advertizing Mrs. Pines' phone psychic services. It is located between two restaurants called Hot Belgian Waffles and Knuckles Sandwiches.


Season 2


  • "Hot Belgian Waffles" is a made up swear word that Stan uses in "Headhunters" and "Not What He Seems," which most likely took inspiration from the Hot Belgian Waffles store next to Pines Pawns.

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