PigPig Waddles Bounce Ultra is a pachinko/pinball-like game in a similar vein to Peggle where Waddles is the ball. It was first released on Disney XD's UK site on April 2014. It was released on the U.S. Disney XD site on May 28, 2014.


Mabel is watching a Japanese game show in the Mystery Shack's living room with Waddles, while eating Smile Dip. They've been doing this for the last ten hours. Suddenly, she hears the voice of Smiley McDoggington, the mascot of Smile Dip, calling her from the television. Smiley easily convinces Mabel to play a game where bouncing Waddles will lead to "Ultra Big Success."

When the game is complete, Waddles is crowned "King of Japan" and Smiley McDoggington says he can eat whatever he wants, starting with Mabel. As Waddles tries to eat her, she wakes up, indicating that the game was a smile dip induced dream. She does wonder how Waddles got that crown, though...



Like pinball, begin play by pulling back a plunger to launch Waddles into the play area, where he will collect food and power-ups while bouncing off objects. When Waddles reaches the bottom, he will fall into one of six spaces with point multipliers that range from 1x to 3x. If the space is glowing yellow and says "1UP" you will earn an extra Waddles to play on the level. On the left of the screen is a meter indicating how much food Waddles must eat to complete the level. Each food item eaten during normal play is worth 400 points. When the meter is filled, the game goes into "Ultra Mode" during which each food item eaten gives double points.

Win and lose screen

Depending on the costume you're wearing as Waddles, the comments you get when you win a level (from Smiley) and the comment you get when you lose (encouragement from Mabel) changes.

Costume Lose screen Congratulations
Ppwb Waddles "You can do it Waddles!" "Eat my candy paws and pass to the next level!"
Ppwb Shutter Waddles "Awww Waddles... the party's not over yet!" "Nice shades, Party Waddles!! NOW DAAANCCCEEE!!!
Ppwb Boss Waddles "It's not easy being boss, is it Waddles?" "You remind me of my boss. I ate him.
Ppwb Waddles, M.D. "Paging Dr. Waddles! Dr. Waddles?" "Paging Dr. Waddles... you're a winner!"
Ppwb Trendy Waddles "Maybe we need another sweater..." "Woof woof! I want to eat your sweater!"
Ppwb Cute Waddles "Ohhhh... so distracted by your... giant... eyes..." "Those eyes... they are the void of the universe..."
Ppwb Wax Stan "I guess Grunkle Stan got too greedy!" "That greedy head... Don't trust his money!"
Ppwb Captain Waddles "Maybe we'd better stay on earth, Captain..." "All my bases belong to you, Captain!"

Unlocking criteria

Character Unlocking criteria
Waddles N/A
Shutter Waddles Collect 84700 points
Boss Waddles Collect 144600 points
Waddles, M.D. Collect 185800 points
Trendy Waddles Collect 212900 points
Cute Waddles After completing Level 10 collect 5 blue hanger icons
Wax Stan After completing Level 10 collect 5 orange hanger icons
Captain Waddles Enter hourglass, glasses, hourglass, glasses, glasses on the Secret Code screen

Secret level: Level 11

Once the "Wax Stan" wardrobe is unlocked, a secret level can be played with the following requirements:

  • 3 stars are earned in 5 of the 10 levels.
  • 17 dollars are collected in the first shot on level 10.
  • Beating level 10 after getting the 17 dollar shot.

After completing the secret level, you get a cryptogram.


File:Pigpigwaddlesbounce code.png

All of these codes use a combination cipher of Atbash and Caesar. On the title screen, there is a button that opens a window that lets you enter a secret code to unlock a special costume: Captain Waddles.

  • On the side it says "W TIITLS RFIK EHWUS..." which decodes to "A DOODLE FROM SPACE..."
  • If you get 200000 points, there's a pop-up saying "RIF W RCDCFS QFWBODY RWLLE QWKS..." with a secret code. It means "FOR A FUTURE GRAVITY FALLS GAME..." Implying the code is for a game yet to be released. There are many optional codes given to a player that do the same thing.
  • If you complete the bonus level, A message is displayed saying "SBSFY UIJEHOFWUY OE DFCS..." meaning "EVERY CONSPIRACY IS TRUE..."


  • The crown Waddles wins upon completion of the game is the same design as the party crown from "Double Dipper."
  • During gameplay, Waddles can be heard in the background periodically oinking "Mabel" as he did in The Time Traveler's Pig.
  • The food items Waddles eats is: a taco, cabbage, chipackerz chip, and a slice of pepperoni pizza.
  • The themed backgrounds of different levels contain images of creatures, objects, and images from the show, including the Gobblewonker (as a giant monster terrorizing a city), and the head of the giant Gnome creature, disposable cameras, and various designs from Mabel's sweaters.
  • The music that plays on the title screen is the same tune as the music during Mabel's Smile Dip hallucinations in The Inconveniencing.
  • The Japanese under the title says "Yotan's PigPig Bounce Ultra". (Yotan is Waddles' name in the Japanese version of the show.)


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