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Paper Jam Dipper was a Dipper clone created by accident. He was actually supposed to be Clone #4, but the paper he was printed on was jammed, causing him to turn out looking nothing like the other clones, nor speaking like them, with his speech being garbled yelling. At the end of "Double Dipper," he and the other clones disintegrate due to contact with water.[1]


Paper Jam Dipper was created by accident in an attempt to clone a fourth Dipper for a plan to steal Robbie's bike, distracting him and giving Dipper a chance to ask Wendy to dance. He is excluded from all the plans, and is ultimately disintegrated along with clones 5 to 10 when the original Dipper accidentally sets off the emergency sprinklers. His last "words" were "It's better this way for Paper Jam Dipper." (when translated).


Paper Jam Dipper tends to be overly friendly with other clones and frequently makes disruptive noises. Others are unable to understand his speech, but they speculate as to his intent. He seems to be friends with Tyrone.


Paper Jam Dipper appearance

Paper Jam Dipper is a deformed clone. He has rounded teeth, wrinkled skin, a chubby stomach, is taller than the other clones, and some limbs are disproportionately longer than other limbs. The color on Paper Jam Dipper is a little faded and dark. Some sections of his body are much lighter than others.

When Tyrone tries to feed him with a cracker, it turns out that his mouth is planar so he can't eat; the cracker falls to the ground.


Season 1



—Paper Jam Dipper[source]

"It's better this way for Paper Jam Dipper."
—Paper Jam Dipper, when translated[source]

— Paper Jam Dipper[source]


  • His speech is completely garbled and can only be understood through captions.
  • Paper Jam Dipper is referenced in the cryptogram for "Double Dipper."
  • In PinesQuest, when Mabel levels the power bracelet up to level 3, her power includes summoning Paper Jam Dipper to protect her. However, he is referred to as Clone #4.


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